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The autumn leaves drift by my window  

Authentic collection

Here we are finally at the doorstep of autumn, beholding its glorious colours and stories to tell of a summer that seemed to pass quicker than we always think. Autumn is an interesting in-between season of many happenstances, and I do have to say that our autumn release will echo these warming thoughts very well. As usual, we hope that all of you have been able to relax, sit down, and pour a dram of your choice over these recent times. Of course, it is crucial to keep you fine people supplied and to reflect the current season of a variety of flavours and colours, so let’s take a good look at the outside and see whether you can find your new favorite.

In this new upcoming Authentic collection- release we have a good variety of ages and different maturations, which will surely intrigue your eyes and taste buds! For instance, if you are looking for something older, but are in between peated and non-peated; we are going to have a 25-years-old Longrow and a 31- years-old Fettercairn. Both of these drams are obviously different in their profiles, yet will satisfy a friend of well-rounded mature flavours; Fettercairn will provide chewy fruitiness, whereas Longrow’s soft campfire blessed toffee apples will dance on your tongue.

As the weather gets colder and rain drops down your window, there is nothing better than have something to warm you up and enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the moment. I think for occasions like these, sherry, port, and wine cask matures whiskies are the best. The darker, dry tones of these drams elevate you well above the seasonal darkness and wetness; a truly cheery bomb of aromas and tastes. Now you might be asking, what on earth do we have to offer this time?

First, of all, we have a wonderful Craigellachie, which has been finished in a fresh PX Sherry hogshead. Needless to say that this one here is thick as coffee chocolate, bold like a marzipan decoration on your aunties’ birthday-cake and delicately cherried.

Well, how about something that is sherry cask matured, but tells a different story? Well, I got you covered there as well, as you don’t have to look at any further than the 10-years-old Glentauchers that has been finished in Manzanilla sherry cask! This beauty here gives an incredible balance of sweetness and a hint of saltiness, reminding me of fruity cakes, salted caramel, and a hint of elegant spices.

There has to be a third one of course! And of course, it is a grain whisky, but please don’t stop reading there! This one here has been matured in a Madeira cask since 2017, and gives a blast of flavours! We are talking about the new Girvan 14-years-old grain whisky, which offers a great taste of somewhat plum-jammy loveliness, covered in rich vanilla and toffee; a nice little break from its malty siblings!

I wonder what autumn is like in Canada? I might never find out truly, but at least I can try and offer you some Canadian whisky! This 34-years-old gentleman has been matured in a bourbon barrel, giving it an intense set of flavours and character. It tells me a story of woody spiciness, hints of raisins, cola, and a groovy touch of creamy fruits! I think this autumn is the time to get a new friend and you will definitely find a friend in this bottle, what a great bottling!

However, if you want to keep things somewhat traditional and head your feet and backpack towards the west; towards the tides of Islay, we got you covered there as well! As the winds and rain ease down, on the horizon you shall see an 11-years-old Bunnahabhain, which will as expected is a surge of oily saltiness, dark chocolate mixed with layers of honey glazed nuts! This captain will make you get through the dampest of seasons for sure!

Then again, if you like spending time inside warehouses full of whisky, the profile of the 12-years-old Deanston is a must-have. It indeed provides that set of the aroma of dunnage warehouse and earthiness. The flavours are actually rather surprising turning into something sweeter, well described as fresh fruits, yet finishing in something dry like blackcurrants. All in all, a great dram to take your imagination to several places at once!

A Little Announcement

The release becomes available this Friday 23/10/2020

If you wish to reserve anything, please send us an email to the following address: Please be aware that some bottles may be balloted. The release date on all the new Cadenhead’s bottlings is Friday 23rd October 2020. We are unable to allow pick up in store or ship until Friday 23rd October.

Fettercairn 31 years old – 54.7% – 70CL

Nose: Key lime pie, grapefruits, biscuit cereal notes.

Palate: Chewy. Pumpkin seeds, hoppy notes.

Finish: A pleasant sourness. Earthiness and honey comb.

Longrow 25 years old – 52.1% – 70CL

Nose: Red apples, coal dust, dunnage earth floors.

Palate: Campfire smoke, rock salt, plums and berries.

Finish: Soft toffee, marzipan, bramble jam and burnt toast.

Craigellachie-Glenlivet 12 years old – 53% – 70CL

Matured in PX Sherry cask since 2019

Nose: Brown sugar, cinnamon, gingernut biscuit, marzipan.

Palate: Very chewy and oily. Raisin and rum ice cream, coffee cake.

Finish: Flinty. Peppercorns, gingerbread, hard boiled cherry sweets.

Canadian 34 years old – 60.5% – 70CL

Nose: Pear drops, wet wood, yeasty, tree sap.

Palate: Rum spice, sweet, root ginger and cola.

Finish: Buttercream, pancake batter and molasses.

Bunnahabhain 11 years old – 57.3% – 70CL

Nose: Salty. Freshly cut hay, pebbles, barley water.

Palate: Oily with slight peppery notes, chocolate and golden syrup.

Finish: Soft marshmallow, cashews nuts, liquorice sweets.

Deanston 12 years old – 53.9% – 70CL

Nose: Dunnage warehouse, mild paprika, cloves and fresh cut grass.

Palate: Fruit crumble, icing sugar, Scottish tablet.

Finish: Blueberries, currants and chocolate profiteroles.

Glentauchers-Glenlivet 10 years old – 53.2% – 70CL

Matured in Manzanilla sherry barrel since 2019

Nose: Very sweet. Candy apples, fruit crumble and Madeira cake.

Palate: Vanilla, salted caramel, and a hint of black pepper.

Finish: Cinnamon, sour grapes then fading out with a lovely drying finish.


Girvan 14 years old – 54.6% – 70CL

Matured in Madeira hogshead since 2017

Nose: Fruit loaf, orange peel and gooseberry jam.

Palate: Stewed fruits, chewy toffee, pomegranate, red currants.

Finish:  Unusually long, Madagascan vanilla ice cream, grapes and burnt sugar.

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