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Summerton Virtual Whisky Festival to return in 2021

The whisky event that brought whisky drinkers together during Lockdown is to return in 2021.

The first Summerton Virtual Whisky Festival was the first full-scale whisky event to adapt to the challenging circumstances we currently face, and in the process created a fantastic new event, uniting whisky fans around the UK & Europe to take part in the largest whisky show of the year so far.

The response to the first virtual festival has been so positive that the Summerton Whisky Club have been convinced to hold a second, which will take place March 2021.

This second festival will build on strengths of the first event, creating a day of digital entertainment and most importantly the festival pack for everyone to take part, as well as adding new elements that will see it become a three-day affair.

Speaking of the Virtual Festival, Summerton Whisky Club Founder Dan Humphrey said, “It’s been a very difficult year for the entire whisky industry and wider community, and we have already seen the benefit of having some whisky fun to look forward to.

The response to our first virtual whisky festival was fantastic and it’s wonderful to see the industry and community all coming together to raise our spirits. With the turmoil set to continue this Winter, we wanted to do our bit again.

The Summer Virtual Whisky Festival aims to create not only an event that we can all look forward to, but one in which the attendees can actively participate in, engaging directly with whisky makers whilst still enjoying a dram”.

Due to take place in March 2021, with more details to follow, the Summerton Virtual Whisky Festival main event will once again combine a whole-day live stream with a home-delivered pack (containing drams, mixers and snacks) to create an event which whisky enthusiasts can not only look forward to, but also actively take part in whilst in the comfort of their homes.

In addition to brand presentations, cocktail masterclasses, Q&A sessions and insightful talks from prominent industry insiders are also scheduled to take place during the event. The festival will be supported by live entertainment and a wide variety of well-known industry figures, whisky writers and presenters.

Dan again, “This new format of festival has presented some interesting opportunities, such as every attendee can now visit every brand at the event, attendees can return the festival afterwards by re-watching and we get to talk in-depth to the people who make the whisky, something that doesn’t normally happen. Instead of thinking this as a replacement to our normal activities, I feel that the virtual event is something that we can add to our diary to offer different experiences to drinkers”.


About Summerton Virtual Whisky Festival

Ticket details and brands attending will be released December

Key Stats from Summerton Virtual Whisky Festival 2020:

  • 1,074 viewers on the day
  • 3% Satisfied, 77.7% Very Satsifeid
  • 9% wish to participate in our next event
  • 33% of attendees had not been to a whisky event before
  • Attendees were from:
    UK, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain and Sweden

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