Kensington Wine Market Malt Messenger No. 114 by Andrew Ferguson – Whisky News

By the time you are done reading this intro, you’ll be thinking Christmas has come early.聽We have an absolute bonanza of cool things to share with you in this Preferred Customer Update.
Most of them are here now. A few, sadly, have sold out, while others are expected in the next week or two. This isn’t everything that is due this fall, far from it, but these are some of our most anticipated releases. In the words of one customer, in reference to the Single Malts of Scotland Releases: “many thanks and kudos to you for bringing in these gems. All are terrific. Best release of the year!”

Truth be told I thought about including news on other whiskies expected soon such as Compass Box, Waterford, Kavalan, Bladnoch and more. But there is such a thing as too much of a good thing(s)… and there will be another Malt Messenger out later this month.

Before we get too far in to this, I feel the need to offer something of a Trigger Warning. No, there are aren’t any flashing lights or disparaging comments on oppressed minorities within. Unless you are one of those referred to as “whisky flippers”, in which case you may be a minority, but you are not nearly oppressed enough…

But seriously, by the time you have finished my intro you will notice a bit of a theme here. Many of the whiskies in this Malt Messenger are limited to just 1 or 2 bottles per customer. We are not doing this to be mean, exercise our authority, or single anyone out. Ultimately we are doing it to be fair. We have lots of “good customers.” We’d love to get each and everyone of you everything you want, all of the time, but with limited releases and single casks it does not always work out that way.

One of the things I pride myself on is running the sort of business I would want to shop at. The sort of business that rewards loyalty and does its best to make sure everyone has a chance at the cool stuff. And when things are limited, rare and in demand it does its best to spread the love around and reward those that support it. There is an almost insane amount of cool stuff on offer in this Malt Messenger, and I’m sure for more of you that will more than make up for the inability to get a second bottle of the new Imperial.

Whiskies from indie bottler Elixir Distillers make up a good chunk of this offering. Their brands include聽Single Malts of Scotland,聽Elements of Islay聽and聽Port Askaig,聽which have each become some of our top selling labels in the last couple of years. Let’s start with the 4 new KWM exclusive casks from Single Malts of Scotland (SMOS). Yes, you read that right, we have 4 new casks… With the addition of these to our stable, KWM has now selected and bottled well over 100 full single casks exclusively for our shop… Easily the most of any retailer in Canada!

On the young and feisty side of things there is the聽Single Malts of Scotland Caol Ila 8 Year KWM Cask. Heavily peated and from an active Oloroso sherry cask, the whisky was a no brainer for us when we selected it over a year ago, especially at $85 a bottle! The whisky made me nostalgic for Islay when I wrote up my tasting note yesterday!

I’ve long been a fan of Glenburgie. The distillery creates a lovely soft and delicate single malt, the vast majority of which is used for Blends, chiefly Ballantine’s. The聽Single Malts of Scotland Glenburgie 21 Year KWM Cask, is our first ever exclusive cask from the distillery, and it does not disappoint. It is lush, waxy and full of character. If it weren’t for the next two casks I’m going to tell you about, the Clynelish and Imperial, people would be beating down the door for this one…

Our first Imperial Cask – last year’s 24 Year – broke the store record for our fastest selling cask at just ten days. That record didn’t last long – our most recent Bruichladdich cask smashed that in the early Spring of this year, when it sold in just four days. I’m not writing this to boast, but rather to help explain again why we are limiting sales of this new Imperial, at least for the first month, to 1 bottle per customer. Our聽Single Malts of Scotland Imperial 29 Year KWM Cask聽is stunning, even better than the 24 Year…

We are also restricting sales of our fourth and final new cask, which is also a first for KWM, the聽Single Malts of Scotland Clynelish 24 Year. We will be limiting its sale for the first month to 2 bottles per customer, to once again spread the love. This is an absolute gem, and we want to make sure it gets around to as many people that want one as possible before it sells out. When we tried the sample last fall we knew we had to have it! As with the other three SMOS casks above, the whisky arrived in-store on Wednesday, but will not last long! More info and some tasting notes below.

Staying with Single Malts of Scotland brand for a moment, we have also received single cask bottlings of Ledaig 13 Year and聽Miltonduff 20 Year; sadly the Ledaig was sold out before it hit the shelf. There is also a pair of Bunnahabhains: we are getting a bit more of the very popular聽Marriage Bunnahabhain 27 Year聽from last year; and also the聽Director’s Special Bunnahabhain 31 Year. More details on all four below!

Still in the Elixir Distillers portfolio, there is even more. We are also expecting 3 new releases from the聽Elements of Islay聽range. The聽Ar11 (Ardbeg)聽and聽Lg10 (Lagavulin), are both limited to one per customer. We are also asking anyone interested in the Ardbeg to purchase one other Elements of Islay single malt. Fortunately there are lots of options, more details below. We are also getting a new release of聽Octomore, Oc6, for those of you still reading and not completely focused on the word Ardbeg!

From the Gordon & MacPhail family of companies we have two really cool new releases, a pair of 40 year olds. We have just received the聽Gordon & MacPhail Private Collection Port Ellen 1979, one of only two Port Ellen we are expecting this year and at 40 Years the oldest Port Ellen we’ve ever seen! There is also the brand new聽Benromach 40 Year, which replaces the discontinued 35 Year. Both whiskies are very limited, accordingly we are limiting them to 1 per customer.

We also just received聽8 new whiskies from GlenAllachie, including 7 new “2020 Single Casks”, ranging from 10-30 years of age. Sadly there were just 4 bottles of each available and half of them are already sold out. They too are limited to 1 per customer… The whiskies are all finished, re-racked when Billy Walker took over the distillery a few years ago!

We are imminently expecting the third volume of聽Arrans Explorers Series, Kildonan & Pladda Island. Another mature sherried Arran at a good price. As an extra bonus you could easily use the tin as a lunch box.

We have also received a new shipment of whiskies from Morrison MacKay. There are 4 single malts from the Strictly Limited range and an older聽BenRiach from Celebration of the Cask.

On the Canadian side of things there is the Two Brewers Yukon Single Malt Release 22. An “innovative” release, the whisky is from a curious blend of mashes. We also have the first ever proper Israeli whisky to come to Canada in-store, the聽Milk & Honey Classic Single Malt. has just arrived and I’ve even had a chance to sample it.

On the Scotch Malt Whisky Society Side of things we’ve had two Outturns since the last full Malt Messenger. Evan’s SMWS Corner below highlightings 11 new single casks Society bottlings, still available from KWM. While we aren’t able to do in-store or virtual SMWS tastings right now, Evan and I have tasted the last few SMWS Outturns live on Instagram. You can view the Instagram Story videos on our聽feed!

We are working on some new KWM Virtual Tastings, in the meantime we’d like to tell you about the Compass Box 20th Anniversary Virtual Tasting, a聽 live tasting across the UK, US and Canada which is taking place on Sunday September 27. Details below.

I also wanted to share an offer from our friends at Edinburgh’s聽Holyrood Distillery, which has a Canadian connection. The distillery, as with many others, is selling casks, but with a twist. You can customize the profile of your cask down to some fine details. More info below.

Finally, we are almost ready to start taking pre-orders for the 2020 KWM Whisky Calendar. Covid-19 and a port strike in Montreal have made finalizing the whisky list and therefor price for our annual Whisky Calendar a little trickier than past years. However, we’ve settled on a design, have some exciting whiskies coming, and we’ll have an offer out early next week… So stay tuned!

Lots to digest in this Malt Messenger, but don’t take too long in digesting the contents. Some of the whiskies are already sold out, and others won’t last much longer. And for those of you who suffer from FOMO… I’m sorry-ish!

As always, please let me know if you have any comments, questions or requests. In the event of a discrepancy in price, the Point of Sale at KWM will be taken as correct.


Andrew Ferguson

Kensington Wine Market

In This Edition:

  1. Elixir Distillers Bonanza Part I – New KWM Single Malts of Scotland Casks
  2. Elixir Distillers Bonanza Part II – New Elements of Islay & Port Askaig Whiskies
  3. Elixir Distillers Bonanza Part III – New Single Malts of Scotland Whiskies
  4. Introducing: Benromach 40 Year
  5. Introducing: G&M Private Collection Port Ellen 1979
  6. Coming Soon: Arran Explorers Series Vol. 3: Kildonan & Pladda Island
  7. New Whiskies from Morrison MacKay
  8. Two Brewers Yukon Single Malt Release #22
  9. Introducing: Milk & Honey Classic Single Malt Whisky
  10. Introducing: The GlenAllachie 2020 Single Casks + 1 More
  11. Compass Box 20th Anniversary Virtual Tasting
  12. Holyrood Distillery Casks for Sale
  13. Evan’s SMWS Corner

Andrew Ferguson

Kensington Wine Market

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Elixir Distillers Bonanza Part I – New KWM Exclusive Single Malts of Scotland Casks

Caol Ila, Clynelish, Glenburgie & Imperial!

When it rains it pours, single casks… Two of these casks, the Caol Ila and the Glenburgie, we selected a year ago… but Covid-19 happened, and then the Montreal Port Strike, and now all four of our new Single Malts of Scotland Casks have landed at once. Initially I had intended to release them 2-3 weeks apart, but I know some of you will be after more than one of them, and why not keep this simple! We are expecting them in-store next Wednesday. A bonanza of really cool single casks, available nowhere else in the world but KWM!

It goes without saying that they are all good, but especially so the Imperial and Clynelish. The Imperial is a stunning tropical fruit bomb and the Clynelish is also superb. We knew we wanted the Imperial before we even tried it. The Clynelish was a must have from the first nosing of the whisky… When it rains it pours… in this case whisky!

  1. SMOS Caol Ila 8 Year KWM Cask聽– 61.2% – 2011 – Sherry Butt (Presumably Refill) – My Tasting Note: “Nose: smoked haddock chowder, rustic bread and farmhouse butter; I’m in the Old Kiln (I know, I know, this isn’t Ardbeg but never the less I’m transported); coal dust, chewy malt; crisp smoke, firm leather and a dash of lemon and lime. Palate: here we go, warm, earthy and smoky with a base of honey, vanilla and crisp spices: more lemon and lime; the sherry elements grow in prominence over time adding Demerara, some dark fruits and loads of spice:聽clove, fennel seed and Dutch licorice; more smoked haddock and chewy malt (my hearty bread), dark earthy peat and sea weed; thick, oily and warm but without a sharp or rough edge. Finish:聽long, thick and coating, the soft peaty oils and spices cling to your palate while crisp smoke, smoked haddock and chewy malt slowly fade away. Comment:聽聽big and bold but balanced for a young malt tipping the scales at well over 60%; lots of layers given its youth, the sherry notes build over time balancing the brash young peat and smoke; the nose transported me to Islay, to one of my favourite places to sit, dine and dram, the Old Kiln Cafe; the palate is layered and satisfying, but also leaves me wanting more; more whisky adventures, more smoked haddock chowder, and a return to my spiritual聽home!” –聽$85
  2. SMOS Clynelish 24 Year KWM Cask 10204聽– 52.2% – 1995 – Hogshead –聽My Tasting Note: “Nose:聽oozing with dripping candle wax and honey; then bright tropical fruits: grilled pineapple, mango dusted in pepper and plantains; very floral, like walking in to a botanical garden on a hot day; then some nutty tones: cashews and macadamia nuts, the latter with white chocolate.聽Palate:聽rich, honeyed, waxy and oozing with fruit; quite decadent, creamed and heather honey; the body is thick, creamy and waxy, you could almost spread it with a knife; bags of fruit, starting on the citrus side with Wine Gums and Starburst candies; with each sip the fruits become more exotic, dried apricot, baked apple and poached pears; with patience the tropical fruits emerge: mango, papaya and pineapple.聽Finish:聽staying thick and waxy the finish is long, decadent and fruity; loads of honey and bags of fruit ending in toasted oak and spices.聽Comment:聽when we first sampled this whisky we were absolutely stunned, and desperate to bottle it; I’ll admit, it came in a little higher priced than we had hoped, but that was wishful聽thinking; mature Clynelish is becoming increasingly dear, and this bottling is聽spectacular; it would still be a must have at twice the price!” –聽$350 – Limit 2/Customer for the First Month!
  3. SMOS Glenburgie 21 Year KWM Cask聽– 49.9% – 1999 – First Fill ex-Bourbon –聽My Tasting Note: “Nose:聽decadent, honeyed and floral; big citrus tones, mango and cantaloupe; nutty, almond paste filled croissants and polished oak; vanilla extract and rose hips.聽Palate:聽soft, creamy and coating with a burst of bright fruits and floral tones; waxy with more polished oak; still nutty, it is thick with lush creamy vanilla, honey, marzipan and warm almond paste filled croissants; juicy orange, ripe mango and cantaloupe; even a bit of Crema di Melone.聽Finish:聽very long, thick, waxy and coating; it stays fruity, floral and toasty right to the end.聽Comment:聽it’s been almost a year since we selected this cask, and while my memory of its selection is hazy, sampling the finished product is proof positive that we have something very special here; at 21 years of age this malt is lush, floral and very fruity; it is a banger at $175, and very more-ish!-聽$175
  4. SMOS Imperial 29 Year KWM Cask 4561聽– 45.2% – 1990 – ex-Bourbon聽Barrel –聽My Tasting Note: “Nose:聽heavenly… I want to crawl in to the glass; old leather sofas and polished mahogany book shelves filled with dusty old books; this is antique-y, this is tropical, this is right in my wheelhouse; did I mention I want to crawl in to the glass? candy-apple, kiwis and canned pineapple; vanilla bean, Manuka honey and soft floral tones.聽Palate:聽yes… yes, yes, yes… this is what we’ve been waiting for since November!!! soft, silky, floral and full of bright, juicy tropical fruits; vanilla bean, Manuka honey and silky toasted oak; quince paste, candied apple and loads of other fruits: kiwi, pineapple, spiced baked apple and persimmons(first ever usage in one of my tasting notes, had to look up the spelling); waxy with soft leather and more polished wood; divine.聽Finish:聽delicate, but long, and fruity it clings to the palate with lush velvety oils; the mouth waters while it awaits more, more, more… never enough!聽Comment:聽sinful, decadent, sublime, and dangerously drinkable; easily the best Imperial I’ve ever had, and one of the best casks we’ve ever had the good fortune to attach our name to (nearly 100); we’ve been telling people for months that this whisky blows our last cask of Imperial out of the water, and it does that and then some… they also bottled it on my birthday in January, so belated happy birthday to me!” –聽$400 – Only 114 Bottles From The Cask Came – 40 Left – Limit 1 Per Customer!

Elixir Distillers Part II – Elements of Islay & Port Askaig

Read This Carefully Before Asking for an Ardbeg (Ar11)!

We have a trio of new offerings from Elements of Islay, we know one of them in particular will be in high demand. So (don’t shoot the messenger), we are not only limiting sales to one per customer for the Ar11 (Ardbeg), but also asking you to purchase one other Elements of Islay single malt with it* (details below). The Lagavulin, Lg10, is also limited to one per customer but we are in a better position with the Octomore, Oc6.

  1. Elements of Islay Ar11聽– 56.8% – 2000 – 19 Year – Producer Description: “Nearly two decades of aging have not tamed the classic smokiness of this Ardbeg. Expect a brawny dram where sweet, spicy and meaty flavours battle it out over open flames.聽 Only 840 bottles produced.” –聽Producer Tasting Note: “Nose:聽Incense thrown on a log fire. Spiced fruitcake with raisins, star anise and saffron served on a wooden board.聽Palate:聽Intense flavours of leather, clove, burnt caramel and liquorice. Teriyaki glaze on barbeque ribs. With water, it develops fruity notes of plum jam and dried blackcurrants.聽Finish:聽Long and bittersweet – an espresso served with biscotti and chunks of dark chocolate.” –聽$340 – Limit 1 Per Customer – Must buy one other Elements of Islay Single Malt (see options* below)! 90pts Whisky Base & Whisky Fun!
  2. Elements of Islay Lg10聽– 57.4% – 2007 – 12 Year – 3 ex-Bourbon Barrels – Producer Description: “Creamy and generous, but with a noticeable kick on the palate, this coastal whisky combines ripe tropical fruits with more serious flavours of tar and brine. 986 bottles have been produced from three barrels of 2007 distillate.” –聽Producer Tasting Note: “Nose:聽Caramel-coated flapjacks and stewed apples with vanilla sugar form a sweet contrast to astringent, slightly medicinal, smoke.聽Palate:聽Full-bodied with ripe mango, pineapple and grilled peaches. There’s a salty, coastal edge to the fruit flavours, followed by dry barley husks, coal tar and gravel.聽Finish:聽Lengthy notes of dry peat, white pepper and olive oil, sweetened with honey.” –聽$135 – Limit 1 Per Customer
  3. Elements of Islay Oc7聽– 58.1% – 2011 – 8 Year –聽Producer Description:聽“This young Octomore was distilled in 2011 and aged in ex-bourbon barrels for more than eight years. As expected, it’s packed with pungent smoke, but also offers a wealth of citrus fruit and toasted grain flavours. 870 bottles produced in total.” –聽Producer Tasting Note: “Nose:聽Burnt matches and iodine softened by lemon and orange peel, tinned fruit and maraschino cherries. Sumptuous melted caramel and ginger emerge after adding a drop of water.聽Palate:聽The chewy texture instantly erupts with hot peat and astringent smoke, before opening up into sea salt and cracked black pepper. Past the spice, there’s a generous helping of grapefruit marmalade spread on toasted rye bread.聽Finish:聽Dry finish with more citrus fruit, malted barley, tarragon and green tomatoes.” –聽$250
  4. Port Askaig 45 Year – 40.8% – Marriage of 5 Sherry Butts – My Tasting Note: “Nose:聽old school antique-y sherry notes, barrel aged maple syrup, treacle sauce and bags of tropical fruits; waxy with over-ripe bananas, mangoes and papaya and agave nectar; candy apple with soft old leather and tobacco; assorted Jelly Bellies and Starburst fruit candies. Palate:聽still old-school; very rich, sherried and fruity but balanced and elegant; more maple syrup, cola cubes and treacle sauce; the Starburst fruit candies and assorted Jelly Bellies are still there as are the waxy over-ripe tropical fruits: mango and papaya, grilled pineapple, and flambeed banana;聽 dark milk chocolate, delicate spices and light roast coffee beans; cold tea dregs with Demerara sugars it becomes increasingly spicy, but still balanced.聽Finish:聽long and fruity, the whisky stays decadent and gently spiced as it slowly fades; coating with more cold tea dregs; a touch of minty mojitos too.聽Comment:聽this is a beautiful old malt, very much in the antique-y style; old school and very fruity sherry without suffering any of the ravages of time; is there a faint trace of smoke, I’d need an even more generous serving to be sure!

Producer Description:聽“Matured in five sherry butts, this expression was distilled in 1968 and bottled at a cask strength of 40.8%. Port Askaig 45 Year Old is an old Islay style that is almost completely lost today. Fruit driven, with next to no smoke and with an abundance of tropical fruits such as mangoes and papayas, this is a very rare whisky and one to be savoured.” – $1850 – Only 6 Bottles Left!

*The Ar11 is limited to one bottle per customer (no exceptions) and must be purchased with at least one other Elements of Islay single malt. Either the new Lg10 or Oc6 listed above, or one of the past releases at 25% off: the聽Cl12聽or聽Pl6.

Elixir Distillers Part III – New Single Malts of Scotland

All of Them Are Limited – One of Them is Already Sold Out!

Ok, so only 3 of these are new… but the 4th聽one, the SMOS Bunnahabhain 27 Year is returning for a final encore. It is a stunning whisky, very well priced, and we are far from disappointed to see it back! Still on the Bunnahabhain side of things, we are also getting the Director’s Special Bunnahabhain 31 Year, which has had some rave reviews… Only 15 bottles, so it is limited to 1 per customer. We also received a Ledaig 13 Year with similarly good reviews(but) and a very well-priced 20 year old Miltonduff. Sadly the Ledaig sold out before the Malt Messenger went to press, so to spare you any further pain I have not included a photo… sorry!

  1. SMOS Director’s Cut Bunnahabhain 31 Year聽– 42.5% – Sherry (Hogshead?) –聽Tasting Notes by Billy Abbot (The Whisky Exchange): Nose:聽Gluttonous retro desserts: Victoria sponge with raspberry jam, pear drops, cherry brandy and a pink champagne cake. Underneath the initially syrupy scent, there’s unctuous notes of carnauba wax and tarry rope, and a slick of engine oil.聽Palate:聽Chewy and richly textured, with wine gums, grape jelly and heather honey. A hint of coastal flavour – sea salt and damp driftwood – is quickly replaced by chocolate stout cake, root beer brewed with sassafras root, cinnamon and kola nut.聽Finish:聽Slowly turning drier and drier, with more dusty cinnamon, caca beans, Amarone wine and cherries coated in chocolate.” –聽$585 – Limit 1 Per Customer – 90.9pts Whisky Base
  2. SMOS Ledaig 13 Year Cask 900168聽– 57.3% – 2005 – Sherry Butt –聽Evan’s Tasting Note: “Nose:聽Airy and floral notes rise above the oily and coastal notes lurking below. Lavender sprigs, strawberries, salt and vinegar potato chips, ginger, lemongrass, olive oil, lemon tarts, and Vicks Vaporub.聽Palate:聽Creamy and ashy, fruity and floral with plenty of oiliness and buckets of salt. Miso broth, seaweed, sushi rolls, salt and pepper squid, sweet black currants, blackberries and apple skins.聽Finish:聽Sweet and floral with ashy smoke and ozone-y coastal notes.聽Comment:聽While this does have a bit of dank, dark and sooty Ledaig in there, it has no problem showing it’s floral side too. It is a multifaceted whisky in a delightful way – and I swear I am not just saying that because it is Ledaig!” –聽$116 – SOLD OUT!
  3. SMOS Miltonduff 20 Year Cask 5014聽– 52.2% – 1999 – Bourbon Hogshead –聽Whisky Exchange Tasting Note:聽“Nose:聽Malting floor on a sunny day, followed by fun, sweet notes of bubblegum, chewy sweets, vanilla ice cream and pear cider.聽Palate:聽Increasingly mature and complex, with toasted oak and porridge followed by tropical fruit, bananas and peach eau-de-vie. Hazelnuts and sunflower seeds emerge with a drop of water.聽Finish:聽Warm brioche, barley and digestive biscuits are slightly lifted by mint.” –聽$155 – 88pts Whisky Fun
  4. SMOS Marriage Bunnahabhain 27 Year聽– 48.4% – 4 Bourbon Hogsheads –聽Tasting Notes by Billy Abbot (The Whisky Exchange): Nose:聽Vanilla pods, gummi sweets, salted caramel, pineapple cubes, hay and straw. Fruit follows, along with candy necklaces, meadow flowers, green apple skins and freshly-cut pears. Anise and menthol notes hide at the back.聽Palate:聽Oatcakes and digestive biscuits to start, with sultana-studded shortbread biscuits following on behind. Pineapple, and apple and pear pie notes develop, topped with a pinch of white pepper spice. Citrus notes wash over the pie: lemon zest and fleshy oranges. There’s a late appearance icing sugar sweetness over the top and a touch of cocoa and raisin underneath.聽Finish:聽Hay, butter, caramel and gentle spice.聽Comment:聽A perfect balance between Bunnahabhain’s weighty, buttery spirit and long-aged fruity notes. The spice provides a contrast, but doesn’t get too much.”聽– $310 – Only 4 Bottles Left!

Introducing Benromach 40 Year

Rare & Surprisingly Well Priced for an OB 40 Year!

If you’ve been following Benromach Distillery, you’ll have noticed that the 40 year has launched roughly 5 years after the 35 Year first appeared, which itself appeared 5 years after the 30 Year. It goes all the way back to the Benromach 18 and 21 Years bottled by the distillery after it was acquired by Gordon & MacPhail. G&M bought the distillery in 1993, a decade after it had been closed by Diageo during a major crisis in the whisky industry. It took until 1998 for Gordon & MacPhail to re-kit and reopen the distillery. This Benromach 40 Year, like the 35, 30, 25, 21 and 18 Year bottlings was all bottled from the same parcel of pre-closure stock from the 1970s. Sadly there is less and less of this stock lingering in G&Ms warehouses with every passing year. Will there be a 45 or 50 Year? Time will tell, but I suspect so. One reality is certain, the number of bottles of each release is sure to be less than those it follows. In that light we have only been able to acquire 6 bottles of the new Benromach 40 Year, it is possible we might see more, but accordingly in the interim it is limited to 1 per customer.

Benromach Heritage 40 Year – 43% – Ex-Bourbon & Ex-Sherry Casks – Producer Tasting Note & Description: “At Benromach we handcraft our single malt Scotch whisky the time-honoured way and make it slowly, by sight, by sound, by touch, as it was made many years ago. Our small team of distillers rely entirely on their senses and expertise to craft Benromach using traditional methods at every stage. Benromach 40 Years Old is the result of four decades of careful maturation in both American hogsheads and ex Sherry casks. The marriage of these casks has combined to create a single malt of exceptional depth, complexity and balance. Benromach 40 Years Old has a golden amber hue with sweet sherry, red apple and butterscotch aromas leading to mellow spices and a hint of creamy white chocolate. Aromatic pear and ripe banana provide a sweet backdrop to a spicy ginger note. Smooth on the palate, cracked black pepper is initially followed by dried tobacco, Seville orange and soft oak tannins, mingling with subtle liquorice before a long, dry and spicy finish.” – $1225

Introducing: G&M Private Collection Port Ellen 1979

Pricey Yes, But Half the Price of the Diageo 40 Year!

Only 6 bottles of this 40 year old Port Ellen are coming to Canada, 3 of them to KWM. It is only one of two Port Ellen expected in-store this fall. The other being a 35 year under the XOP label. Distilled on December 11, 1979, which was a Tuesday, and bottled on Thursday December 19, 2019 at 40 years and 8 days… Matured in a single Refill Puncheon Cask, the whisky has been bottled at 54.7%. 407 bottles released Globally.

This is the oldest Port Ellen we’ve ever seen at KWM, and Gordon Macphail’s track record with this whisky has been good. We’ve been saying it for years, but Port Ellen is getting older, rarer and more expensive with every passing year. The official release of Port Ellen 40 Year, the “Rogue Casks” also released this year, is nearly twice the price, if you can find it.

Limit 1 per customer! 91.1pts Whisky Base.

G&M Private Collection Port Ellen 1979 – 54.7% – 40 Year – Refill Sherry Puncheon – Producer Tasting Note: “Aroma: Rich aromas of sun ripened red apple with delicate sweet spice. Notes of strawberry liquorice with tangy citrus elements give way to subtle smoked kipper notes. Taste: Intense: mouth-warming crushed black pepper is followed by flavours of baked apple. Traces of fresh orange entwine with mature oak. A slight herbal edge develops. Finish: Long and sweet on the finish with whisps of peat smoke.” – $5000 – Limit 1 Per Customer

Coming Soon: The Arran Explorers Series Vol. 3: Kildonan & Pladda Island

Another Lush Old Arran for You and a Lunch Box for Your Kids!

Volume 3 of Arran’s “Explorers Series” is the ‘Kildonan & Pladda Island’. This is a 21 Year single malt, matured in a mix of Sherry Butts, Puncheons and Ruby Port Pipes. 9000 bottles were released globally, with just a tiny fraction of that coming to Canada. Bottled at 50.4%. 89.21pts Whisky Base.

Producer Description

“Kildonan village is situated on the southern coast of the Isle of Arran, not far from our own new Lagg Distillery. The small pear-shaped island of Pladda is just 1km from the coastline. The privately-owned island is home to Pladda lighthouse which was designed by Thomas Smith and is still active today. Established in 1790, the lighthouse has a commanding position at the southern end of the island. The stunning view of Pladda can be seen clearly from Kildonan which is home to Silver Sands, one of the most beautiful beaches on Arran. Kildonan also boasts a castle which along with Lochranza Castle and Brodick Castle were important fortresses guarding Arran’s strategically important position in the approaches to the Firth of Clyde.聽This view of Pladda Island and Ailsa Craig from Kildonan is best taken in with a dram of The Arran Single Malt in hand. This particular expression is 21 Years Old and has been matured in Ex-Sherry Butts and Puncheons before being finished in Ruby Port Casks sourced directly from Portugal. The resulting whisky perfectly captures the breathtaking views of this part of the island. Take your senses on an adventure around the Isle of Arran.”

Arran Explorers Series Kildonan & Pladda – 50.4% – 21 Year – Sherry & Port Casks – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Rich and fruity; The “Arran” style remains at the heart of this whisky, with candied orange peel, nectarine and parma violets. Stewed summer fruits with a drizzle of vanilla custard. Palate: Sweet and tangy with a burst of strawberry liquorice, fresh raspberries and ginger. Cask influence adds another layer to the sweet fruit character, with flakes of hazelnut in the development. Finish: A truly multi-layered dram with a long lasting finish of red fruit, oak and a hint聽of tobacco.” – $220

New Whiskies from Morrison MacKay

Of Strictly Limited & Celebration of the Cask!

We have a new release of Morrison MacKay whiskies to share with you, including some young, one old and a rather sherried offering. We had the Ben Nevis previously, the other four are brand new!

  1. Celebration of the Cask BenRiach 1992聽– 41.6% – 26 Year – Hogshead – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Honeyed herbs, orange peel and barley sugar, with dusty oak. Palate: Oily malt and buttery pastry, with waxy orange, cooked pear and a dusting of cinnamon. Finish: Orchard fruit and warm porridge with a drizzle of honey.” – $290 – 88.67pts Whisky Base
  2. Carn Mor Strictly Ben Nevis 2015 – 47.5% – 11 Year – 3 PX Sherry Hogsheads – Producer Tasting Note: “On the nose it is malty, but with vibrant helpings sherry cask richness cutting through. On the palate it is peppery at first, before easing into raisin cookies and toffee. Finishes with drying spices once again lead the way, with cinnamon and pepper at the core.” – $80
  3. Carn Mor Strictly Glen Elgin 2008 – 47.5% – 11 Year – 3 PX Sherry Hogsheads – Producer Tasting Note: “Great texture with warm cr猫me caramel and stewed fruits drying towards the end.” – $110
  4. Carn Mor Strictly Linkwood 2011 – 47.5% – 8 Year – First Fill ex-Bourbon – Producer Tasting Note: “Delicate and fresh with loads of vanilla, zesty citrus notes and a hint of ginger spice.” – $89
  5. Carn Mor Strictly Glen Moray 2012 – 47.5% – 6 Year – First Fill ex-Bourbon – Producer Tasting Note: “Christmas fruit cake, brown sugar and soft spices with hints of liquorice on the finish. Beautifully balanced.” – $80

Two Brewers Yukon Single Malt Release 22 Is Here!

With Luck & a Bit of Time I’ll Get This One Tasted Soon!

Release 22 is a single malt produced from a kettle soured mash whisky married with a sour fermented whisky. The whisky falls in to Two Brewers “Innovative” category. To highlight the unique spirit, the whisky has been bottled at 51%. I’ve been impressed by their approach to fermentation, and brewers rather than distillers eye view. Accordingly I’m very interested to try this one… especially with the higher ABV.

Two Brewers Yukon Single Malt Release 22 – 51% – Innovative Release – Unique Fermentation – Presumably matured in American Oak – Producer Tasting Note:聽“The nose finds honeyed spice beneath the sparkling edges of summer straw. A light, dry entry moves briskly onto the palate, brown sugar, cinnamon, mingled in the pepper personality. The swallow brings warmth, sweet wisps with white pepper in a prolonged finish.” – $105

Introducing: Milk & Honey Classic Single Malt

The First Israeli Single Malt Whisky!

The first single malt, from Israel’s first distillery is composed of whiskies matured in ex-Bourbon & STR Casks before bottling at 46%. The whisky is at least 3 years of age, but in Tel Aviv’s hot climate, that supercharges the maturation process. Produced from unpeated malt and bottled without colour or chil-filtering.

Milk & Honey Classic Single Malt Whisky聽– 46% – ex-Bourbon & STR Casks – My Tasting Note: “Nose:聽earthy, nutty and spicy with dark fruits and earthy tobacco; sauteed strawberries and Dutch licorice. Palate:聽rich, honeyed and spicy; damp earthy tobacco, candied nuts and crisp spices: cinnamon sticks and ginger root; firm toasted oak; raisins, dates and cloves.聽Finish:聽medium in length, warming and decadent; honey, spices and dried fruits. Comment: nae bad, as they would say in the “old country of malt whiskies”… decadent, spicy and earthy.” – $90

About Milk & Honey Distillery

Israel’s first distillery, Milk & Honey, was founded in Tel Aviv in 2013. The distillery sought the expertise of the late “Jim Swan” in setting up their operations, as did many others including Kilchoman, Kavalan, Cotswolds and many more. The Milk & Honey Classic is produced from unpeated malt, and created from a marriage of ex-Bourbon and bespoke STR Casks (Jim Swan casks). The whisky is young, it has to be, the distillery is only 7 years old. But in the hot Israeli climate (Tel Aviv has more than 300 days of sun a year), the maturation moves much more quickly than it does in temperate places like Scotland and Ireland.

Introducing: The GlenAllachie Single Casks

Almost Gone and They Only Just Arrived!

Sadly Canada’s allocation for the 7 single casks was tight, we were lucky to get any at all. In the end just 4 bottles of each of these came in to the shop, and only a handful of them are left. They sold long before we could put this newsletter together. So it is near the bottom, and to spare you the FOMO, which is real, I’ve only linked and shown the photos of the bottles still available. The top one, the Moscatel Finish is not a single cask, and we have a bit more of it.

  1. GlenAllachie 11 Year Moscatel Finish – 48% – 11 Year – Matured in American Oak/Finished in Moscatel Barriques – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Peaches and cinnamon balanced with heather honey and mocha. Palate: A rich combination of heather honey, orange zest and peaches, with notes of cinnamon and mocha in the background.” – $120
  2. GlenAllachie 2009 Sauternes Cask – 58.9% – 10 Year – Sauternes Cask Finish – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Waves of heather honey with peaches, pineapple and orange zest. Palate: Rounded toffee, mandarin and pineapple, with hazelnut and grapefruit on the finish.” – $165 – SOLD OUT
  3. GlenAllachie 2008 Bourbon Cask – 58.2% – 12 Year – First Fill ex-Bourbon – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Apples and heather honey with oak wood, orange zest and sweet spices. Palate: Toffee, barley sugar and rich oak notes, fused with apples, orange zest and sweet spices.” – $185 – 2 Left!
  4. GlenAllachie 2005 Madeira Cask – 60.7% – 15 Year – Madeira Finish – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Cinnamon, ginger, heather honey, orange zest and pineapple. Palate: Heather honey, sultanas and pineapple, fused with orange zest, cinnamon and eucalyptus.” – $230 – SOLD OUT
  5. GlenAllachie 2001 Virgin Oak Cask – 51.7$ – 18 Year – Virgin Oak Finish – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Heather honey, plantains, apricots, ginger and cinnamon. Palate: Heather honey, damsons and pears, with orange zest, pineapple and spices.” (No notes on the finish were provided, but they probably would include “Heather honey”…. – Evan) – $280 – 1 Left!
  6. GlenAllachie 1990 Madeira Cask – 56% – 30 Year – Madeira Barrel Finish – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Layers of heather honey and rich spices fused with mocha and orange peel. Palate: Rich notes of heather honey, grape must, orange zest and grapefruit, with sultanas and cinnamon.” – $950 – 1 Left!
  7. GlenAllachie 1989 PX Sherry Cask – 47.7% – 30 Year – PX Sherry Finish – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Mocha, heather honey, ginger, pineapple and eucalyptus. Palate: Fantastic presence of dark chocolate, mocha and dried fruit, with heather honey, orange zest and pineapple.” – $1000 – SOLD OUT
  8. GlenAllachie 1989 Oloroso Sherry Cask – 45.7% – 30 Year – Oloroso Sherry Hogshead Finish – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Heather honey, mocha and sweet spices with pineapples and eucalyptus. Palate: Layers of dark chocolate, mocha and Christmas cake, fused with orange zest, cinnamon and heather honey.” – $1000 – SOLD OUT

Compass Box 20th Anniversary Virtual Tasting

Join John Glaser Sunday September 27th at 1PM Mountain Time!

Our favourite Boutique Blenders, Compass Box are celebrating a milestone this year, their 20th Anniversary. It is hard to believe it all started 20 years ago with the release of their first whisky, Hedonism. To celebrate their 20th Anniversary the distillery has a few bottlings in the pipeline, including Hedonism Felicitas. They will be launching the whisky online at a virtual tasting on Sunday September 27th, with a virtual tasting hosted by John Glaser.

I took part in the Father’s Day tasting, which was built around the Compass Box Malt Whisky Collection gift packs. For this session they will be tasting the Hedonism and Hedonism Felicitas, the latter of which will not arrive in Alberta before the tasting.

From Compass Box

“We want to take you on a journey of exploration through 20 years of one of our signature whiskies. To mark the launch of our latest limited edition, Hedonism Felicitas, we’re holding a live聽interactive tasting hosted by Compass Box Founder and Whiskymaker John Glaser.

“Hedonism Felicitas has been created to celebrate our 20th anniversary, and we would like to give you an exclusive opportunity to hear how this whisky聽has evolved聽from the first Hedonism that launched Compass Box in 2000. We enjoyed hosting our Father’s Day tasting earlier this year so much that we want to invite you back to our virtual table on 27th September for this special聽event.

“To join us on the day, please register聽at This is also where you’ll be able to download a digital tasting mat and set up instructions聽nearer the time. So save the date for聽27th September (8pm BST, 3pm EST, 1pm MT and 12pm PT).”

Taste Along with John Glaser

There is no cost to take part in the event, but if you’d like to have a few of the whiskies on hand, we can help you with that.聽The regular Hedonism is returning to the store on Wednesday, September 16, and we are offering it until the tasting at a special price, 20% off. We are also offeing a he Compass Box Malt Whisky Collection in stock. And we’re putting them on sale…

Compass Box Malt Whisky Collection (3x50ml) – One 50ml bottle each of the Compass Box Spice Tree, Story of the Spaniard and Peat Monster.” – $58 – SAVE 25% – Now $43.49+gst.

Compass Box Hedonism – 43% – Ex-Bourbon – Marriage of Whiskies from North British & Cameronbridge – Producer Tasting Note: “The aromas and flavours hint of vanilla, caramel, a delicate fruitiness, accented by flashes of coconut in the finish.” – $105 – SAVE 20% – Now $84+gst

Holyrood Distillery Cask For Sale

Design Your Own Custom Cask of Whisky!

Holyrood Distillery is the brain child of Rob & Kelly Carpenter, whom many of you will know are the owners of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society Canada. It opened its doors in the summer of 2019 in a converted 180 year old train shed in Edinburgh’s Holyrood Park neighbourhood.

Located a short walk from the city’s famous Royal Mile, at the foot of Arthur’s Seat, Holyrood has been laying down casks of whisky for over a year now.

Holyrood is not the only distillery offering a cask ownership program, but theirs is almost certainly the most customiseable. We thought we’d share this offer with our readers.

From Holyrood:


Create your own bespoke whisky with Holyrood Distillery – Edinburgh’s first city centre single malt whisky distillery for nearly a century.

With a limited run of casks, we’re offering the widest breadth of flavour of any distillery in the country, as well as a unique fully customisable option. Take the reins and create a unique whisky tailored exactly to your flavour preference.

Check out our video for full details, or drop us an email聽to discuss your whisky!”

Evan’s SMWS Corner

A Recap Of The SMWS Canada August & September Outturns

Time flies, and apparently KWM single casks do as well! It has been a while since Andrew has released a Malt Messenger, so I have two months worth of SMWS bottles to tell you about. There are a few releases that are already sold out from the August Outturn so I have omitted them.

The bottles listed below are still available as I write this.聽If you have any questions on these or other SMWS bottlings that KWM has stock of, feel free to drop me a line!

Twitter and Instagram: @sagelikefool
Instagram: one part of @kwmwhisky


路 聽85.59 – I have been digging some other recent Glen Elgins from indie bottlers recently, so I am excited to see where Beer Pong takes me. It is indeed beer-forward in style, with fermenting, floral and yeasty notes coming through along with waxy fruit and candy such as nibs on the nose. On the palate there are wine gums and jujubes all over the place – including those black ones that taste like anise/liquorice. It even has the tang and texture of black licorice on the tongue. Very enticing whisky, with a nice bit of black pepper on the finish. $138+GST

路 聽77.57 – As the name suggests, this one goes waxy on the nose as well, but in a different way. There is citrus, wax, and candy cane on the nose for me along with a touch of grassiness and hay. Wow. very waxy again with plenty of juiciness in the mouth. Like eating a taffy candy with the wax wrapper still on it. But better, obviously. A bit of polished wood on the finish as well. Edit: What was I thinking? This isn’t from Aultmore Distillery – it is a Glen Ord. Mea Culpa. I will stick with the rest of what I said聽 though. I know Glen Ord for having grassy and citrus driven notes when young, but not much more personally. $127+GST

路 聽28.43 – This Tullibardine is from a first fill Oloroso butt. Nose: Plenty of dried fruits again, but leaning into butterscotch, buttered toast, pancake syrup, and dates in style. For the palate it is rich and nutty. It tastes like a Fruit cake that is so laden with fruit, nuts and booze that it weighs more than you do. Dates again, pralines, walnuts, fig newton bars, and maple syrup. This is dark, rich, decadent and desert-like sherry. It is so rich that just nosing it could create cavities. $150+GST


路 聽26.136 – In my book, Clynelish is always welcome in any outturn. It tends to be full of verve and excitement when young (aren’t we all), and with age, it gets even better (I wish I could say the same!). With a name like CANDY FLOSS AND CAROUSELS and a stated age of 8 years old, this should plenty of that Clynelish vivacity. Let’s see: The nose gives honey and salty corn nuts along with baked apple, peach and pear. There is a touch of waxy character and roasted malt along for the ride. On the palate, I get a generously salty delivery with lots of the already stated fruits, corn nuts, and peanut skins as well. The palate reminds me a wee bit of Beachcomber, sans the peat and missing a touch of that big fruity zing. It finishes with a touch of creme brulee and Cracker Jack popcorn. On the whole, this isn’t really colouring outside the lines for this distillery, but it is delicious nonetheless. It is pretty much what I personally want from Clynelish – though I do wish it was older. Then again, they can’t all be 24 Year Old Single Casks costing $340, can they? $152+GST

路 聽95.36 – This is our second Auchroisk from the SMWS Canada, with the first coming to us recently in the June 2020 Outturn (that was 95.32 – BLONDIE BOMBSHELL). Like it’s predecessor, BODY BUILDERS IN BALL GOWNS is a touch on the high side when it comes to ABV at a dainty 66.1%. Not only is that 0.1% higher than June’s, this one also has a more awesome and evocative name. At least to me… Let’s check out the muscles and lace on this guy (or gal): On first nosing, it is all fresh and candied ginger for me, plus sunflower seeds, chamomile tea, hay, and a mix of cream soda and lemonade. To taste: Woah, that is indeed big. The alcohol is definitely there, but so are macadamia nuts, shortbread cookies, green grapes, spicy ginger ale and a squeeze of white grapefruit. Impressive. It is zesty and quite tasty. It is like holding onto a lit stick of dynamite and finding out that is actually a birthday sparkler – I mean sure, those sparks do burn off some of your arm hair, but you do still get to keep the arm! $153+GST

路 聽48.110 – With a name like SOOOOTERNES!, you are definitely given an idea on what this Balmenach will be about. Nose: Vanilla custard and golden raisins, Galliano liqueur, honeycomb, and a dash of reduced balsamic drizzled over toasted oak staves and charred oat biscuits. On the palate it is BIG. Tangy, fruity, floral and viscous all at once. Lots of that white dessert wine made in a small subsection of Bordeaux – what do they call that stuff again? Lemon candies and wine gums, pineapple cubes, mint leaves, chilli spice and a touch of mustard powder. It is winey, but even if that is not your thing the spice and sweet notes cover any off-putting astringent notes up. If I had to pick a wine cask for whisky that wasn’t sherry it would probably be Sauternes, so this one works nicely for me! $157+GST

路 聽93.124 – In my June 2020 Outturn Blog Post I shocked the whisky world by stating that Glen Scotia was one of the top three whisky distilleries operating in Campbeltown today. That wasn’t hyperbole – I stand by what I said and I dare you to convince me otherwise. Now that my reputation is on the line, this 16 year old Glen Scotia that the SMWS have dubbed 3AM DONER KEBABS better live up the the pedestal I have put it’s distillery on! The nose is very promising, with ashy tropical notes abound. A bit of parma violet plus barbecued prawns in a mango chili sauce and a squeeze of lime. For the palate I get those prawns again, this time they were tossed into a sweet and spicy gumbo with a bit of smoky okra Anybody else hungry? This dram is creamy, ashy and fruity all at once and just all-around drop-dead gorgeous. Damn. $209+GST

路 聽44.116 – I believe this is the first Craigellachie SMWS bottling we have seen in more than two years. Crazy! What does this 8 year old aged in 2nd fill Oloroso Sherry give us? Well, first of all it makes the high ABV from 95.36 just a warmup: PIRATE SHIP IN A STORM weighs in at a gargantuan 68.2%! That is SMWS single cask RUM territory. For the nose, I get caramelized onions, plum sauce, dates, melted dark chocolate, maple glazed bacon, and dark roast coffee grounds. The palate is massive with lots of dried (and burnt) dark fruits. Raisins, dates again, Dark chocolate ganache, nutmeg, molasses, gingerbread, Christmas cake, a can of Coca Cola, and Tom Cruise’s leather bomber jacket from Top Gun; flight badges, fur-lined neck and all. $126+GST

路 聽66.163 – Usually it is the Ardmore’s that embrace the weirdness of it all, but I am not sure that this one, titled A PERFECT FINISH TO A PERFECT DAY, will hold a candle (or a struck match) to the Craigellachie I tasted just before. I had better check, just to be sure. The nose on is smooth… It has the prototypical young Ardmore combination of peat, ash, and cereal. I get smoky Weetabix notes like I often do, but I am also finding chocolate mousse, really good espresso coffee, granola bars, and dried cherries. To taste it has more cherry notes, into the pretend maraschino stabbed with a cocktail sword that is currently drowning in your Shirley Temple. It shows a pleasantly sweet grain note, oatmeal with raisins and cream. Pralines and Belgian waffles with freshly whipped cream drizzled in syrup also come to the fore. This is a peated whisky for Summer if I have ever had one. Sweet and unpretentious, unlike me. $130+GST

路 聽53.275 – Our journey through the seven-strong lineup of the September SMWS Canada caps off with GAUZE AND EFFECT from Caol Ila distillery on Islay. The nose is sooty and salty with cured and barbecued meats, but a touch floral as well with a dash of lavender and potpourri mixed in. On the tongue, it is salty, creamy and ashy with charred meats and cooked fruits. Like a mix of oranges and Fisherman’s Friends along with peach and strawberry puree to sweeten it all up. This is another solid young-ish 53. Peated whisky always shows better than unpeated whisky at a young age. Even then: there is no other Islay distillery that we so many very good young single casks come out of. Thank goodness for Caol Ila – may its stills never go silent! $175+GST

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As with many other small and independent businesses in the city, we are getting creative to continue serving our customers and keeping the business going.聽We have taken precautions in-store to ensure the health and safety of both our staff and customers. Details on that below!聽We are also offering options to continue serving those of you in quarantine or who are taking extra precautions with regards to social isolation.


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