“Clydeside Distillery was a favourite for us in 2019” by Paul Mclean of Mclean Scotland Whisky Tours

Left to right; Andy, Paul, Liz and Mark, a few of the MCLEANSCOTLAND team who gathered for Christmas 2019 in Glasgow

Clydeside Distillery was a favourite for us in 2019

As the first operational Single Malt Scotch Whisky distillery in the city centre in over a century, Clydeside combines the old with the new; much like ourselves!    They gave us a unique whisky experience steeped in industrial heritage, combining state-of-the-art technology with traditional distilling methods and a set of drams and foodie nibbles to make it an ever lasting memory. Bridgeen Mullen took charge of our day there, she is the Visitor Centre Manager – the entire distillery team, tour guides and retail staff, to production and distillers are passionate and give visitors from all over the world a memorable five-star whisky experience. We can vouch for that; Liz, Paul, Andy and Mark all enjoyed the visit as a part of the MCLEANSCOTLAND Christmas woo hoo! Opened in 2017 the Clydeside combines a contemporary structure with an old Pumphouse, now becoming a whisky expertise and heritage centre. It is currently producing what will be a high-quality Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky. The distillery offers a range of tours and tastings, working with Bridgeen we have our own bespoke tours arranged for our tours, by the way we recommend the food choices and these will feature in our tours there.  The Pumphouse used to control the entry gate to the Queen’s Dock – ships exporting whisky to the four corners of the world, how we get corners on a globe defeats me, but you know the craic. On a more personal note, during distillery construction, the Morrison family discovered that Chairman Tim Morrison’s great grandfather had in fact built the Queen’s Dock. These kinds of connections, create a warmth and familiarity that echoes throughout the Distillery. With an excellent shop selection of whisky from across Scotland, and bespoke branded items and gift vouchers, The Clydeside offers a fantastic option for those looking to buy gifts.

ALL IN ALL, A VERY WORTHWHILE TOUR HERE, IT’S AN EXPERIENCE, you can call in (as we will be doing) for the shop and food/drinks without doing the tour if you wish.  PAUL, MAY 2020

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