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Alberta Premium Cask Strength Named World Whisky of 2020

Long-time favourite Canadian rye whisky, Alberta Premium is gaining world renown after beating out over 1250 other whiskies, to be named World Whisky of the Year in the popular Jim Murray Whisky Bible for 2021.

According to Mr. Murray, Alberta Premium Cask Strength (61.5% abv) will delight “any whisky lover on the planet looking for a huge but nearly perfectly balanced experience. And with rye at its most rampantly beautiful, this is something to truly worship.”

We’ve been praising Calgary’s Alberta Distillers Limited for along time, and so has Mr. Murray who named Alberta Premium his Canadian Whisky of the Year in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.

A Gold Medal for Alberta Premium Cask Strength and an Award of Excellence for Distillery of the Decade, won by Alberta Distillers Ltd. at the Canadian Whisky Awards in Victoria last January foretold this latest accolade.

“On behalf of the entire Alberta Distillers team, we are honoured to have Alberta Premium Cask Strength named “World Whisky of the Year,'” said George Teichroeb, General Manager of Alberta Distillers Limited. “We are incredibly proud of our Alberta Distillers team for creating such a unique and beautiful world-class whisky, and continually pushing the boundaries of what Canadian whisky can be.”

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