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Grand Vintage 1996

23 year old · 5th Release · 43% ABV · 70cl



The latest vintage of Glenmorangie’s Bond House No 1 Collection, the Grand Vintage 1996 has arrived! Created for the delight of connoisseurs and collectors, the Bond House No.1 Collection pays homage to its namesake, the largest of Glenmorangie’s traditional 19th – century bonded warehouses. For generations, Bond House No.1 served as home to maturing whisky casks, patiently sheltering them in its depths, on the banks of the beautiful Dornoch Firth.

In 1990, its purpose was to change entirely, as Bond House No.1 was transformed into a majestic still house, today renowned as Glenmorangie’s “Highland Cathedral”. Embracing the 12 towering copper stills which bring the fruity, fragrant spirit to life, it is at the very heart of their whisky creation.

The Grand Vintage Malt 1996 is luxurious and creamy, with fresh and floral aromas. Captured at its peak, this whisky is shared at its remarkable best. This 23-year-old whisky pays tribute to the pioneering quest to find the ideal casks and is long aged in a handful of the first custom- designed bourbon casks.

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