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Fund invests more into Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Howard Cai and his investment management has successfully deployed fund assets into a range of single-cask whisky casks produced in Scotland. Following a thorough examination of the industry fundamentals, long-term considerations and insights, the investment decisions take into account the persistent scarcity of high-grade single cask whiskies as well as changes in demand.

The Fund continues to seek out high potential casks from various distilleries and vintages to maximize investment returns. And even though production in Scotland is all but shut down, investors will be invited to the second round of funding late 2020 as we all wait for restrictions to be lifted.

About Howard Cai 

Established in 2009, Howard Cai Select is China’s first independent Single Malt Whisky bottler. A life member of The Keepers of the Quaich and renowned whisky expert, Howard has made it his mission to broaden people’s appreciation for fine Scotch Whisky in China. Howard successfully pairs these whiskies with Nouveau-Chinese cuisine in his exclusive fine-dining establishments. Each hand-picked cask is aged and bottled in Scotland at its original strength. Then detailed information of when the whisky was distilled and bottled is provided, guaranteeing provenance. Each batch is a truly unique experience.

For more information about Howard Cai Select Single Cask and the investment opportunity please contact:

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