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Israel’s first whisky distillery – M&H announces long-awaited U.S. distribution of its core range!

As of this month, M&H (Milk & Honey) Distillery’s core range is officially launched in the U.S.  As Israel’s first whisky distillery, this is an exciting milestone, and one that increases the U.S. offerings with three distinct expressions: Classic Single Malt, M&H Elements Sherry, and Levantine Gin.In Tel Aviv’s hot & humid Mediterranean climate, whisky matures and extracts barrel flavor faster than in traditional whisky-producing countries, giving the whisky the characteristics of a much more mature whisky.

Since its establishment in 2012, M&H Distillery has launched its operations under the auspices of late whisky legend Dr. Jim Swan, emphasizing quality and innovation with its spirit distillation and maturation.

M&H’s US Exclusive release of Whisky in Bloom last year received high praise from the well respected publication Whisky Advocate.

Tal and Tomer Introduce the M&H Classic

M&H’s Classic Single Malt Whisky has been matured in the finest ex-bourbon and special red-wine STR casks, giving it a light and balanced character with notes of vanilla and light oak, alongside subtle notes of black pepper.

This expression his earned high praise right out of the gate, winning a Gold Medal at the Frankfurt International Trophy 2020 and a Double Gold Medal at the 2020 “The Fifty Best for its first Classic Single Malt Whisky.

Tal and Tomer Talk about the M&H Elements Series

M&H Distillery is already working on its next series, the “M&H Elements Series,” through which the distillery will present different characteristics of its Single Malt whisky. Each of the three M&H Elements bottlings will have a different cask element that enhances the whisky to a new level of flavor: a Sherry cask, a peated cask, and ex-red wine casks from Israel’s top wineries. The M&H Elements Sherry will be the first kosher Sherry cask whisky.

M&H Elements Sherry was the Category Winner for Best Israeli Single Malt 12 Years & Under from the World Whisky Awards 2020.

“ImpEx is excited to now bring in the Core Expressions for M&H Distillery.  The limited release of Whisky in Bloom last year brought with it some truly dedicated US fans and these core expressions are highly anticipated.  We see that M&H Distillery’s unique style derived from the hot climate maturation, distillation techniques, and the soul put into each bottle has won the hearts of the American consumer and are confident their following will grow.”

~ Sam Filmus of ImpEx Beverages.

“We are honored and excited to continue our American journey, and we look forward to meeting the American consumers and introduce them to our quality core range of spirits.”

~ Eitan Attir, CEO of M&H Distillery

Please feel free to reach out for more details on the bottlings:

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