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Every great whisky should tell a story all on its own. From the first nosing to the long finish, whisky can inspire a very personal journey. Yet there’s always the story of its creation too. And it was the combination of the two that our founder John Glaser explored during our first virtual tasting this past Sunday.

People from over 30 countries joined us via Zoom to hear about our award-winning whiskies The Peat Monster, The Spice Tree and The Story of the Spaniard. But for those who weren’t able to drop in, here are some highlights from the stories he told…


The surprising label for this whisky is typical of the work of Texas-based artist Marc BurckhardtHis fascination with fables, allegories and myths felt like the perfect match, and we’re proud to have collaborated with a painter who’s worked with Rolling Stone, The New York Times, and won a Grammy for Johnny Cash album artwork.


Our first batch released in 2005 caught the attention of the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA), who felt our creative process didn’t follow the rules on traditional techniques. So we stopped production and worked on a new method for incorporating French oak in the cask heads. The result was a very similar flavour to the original. It relaunched in 2009, and eventually received the SWA’s blessing.


John had yet to become a whiskymaker when he was enthralled by the stories of an elderly man in a tiny Spanish bar. The gent recounted the history of the local Sherry and made an indelible impression. Many years later, that chance encounter inspired this Sherry cask-aged whisky.

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