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Ardbeg Day 2020 Release



The 2020 Ardbeg Day bottling has arrived! Released to mark twenty years of the Ardbeg Committee, this superb expression celebrates Ardbeg’s status as the Black Sheep of the whisky world. Matured in Pinot Noir wine casks from New Zealand, Ardbeg Blaaack is bold, powerful, and full bodied. The characteristic smoke and oiliness of classic Ardbeg are complemented by rich, sweet flavours of ripe summer fruits – a perfect marriage of sweet and savoury that will keep you coming baaack for more!

Although the regular Ardbeg Day festivities have been curtailed, it is impossible to tame the spirit of Ardbeg. Ardbeg Day will be celebrated online on 30th May 2020. “The Ardbeg Blaaack Whisky Trials” will be streamed on Ardbeg’s Facebook and Instagram pages, featuring whisky tastings, games, and lots of other Ardbeg inspired shenanigans.


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