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Maltstock, the Relaxed Whisky Weekend

Relaxed virtual flyer hunt

Usually you will see the Maltstock flyers in many relaxed whisky places you visit. In these bizarre times we’re all staying at home. We realize that one of the difficulties you all face is you have no chance of picking up a flyer and get relaxed. Well, not a physical version……

We’ve now created the relaxed virtual Maltstock flyer!

Who doesn’t enjoy a good Easter hunt?

The virtual flyer is hidden on websites from our Maltstock friends and sponsors. Why not join the hunt? Can you find all the hidden flyers? There are some great prices to be won!

How to join the hunt?

Simply go to the Maltstock website for all info.

Some very relaxed prizes to be won

Can you find all the hidden virtual flyers? We’ll be giving away a couple of very relaxed prizes to the those whom can find the most flyers

  • Ardbeg Wee Beastie – very kindly donated  by  Passion for Whisky
  • 3 amazing BBQ ribs – very kindly donated by Ons Gaan Braai.
    Don Marcos Crazy chicken, Happy Ending for Beef and the Smokehouse all purpose rub.
  • A set of your own personalized Maltstock flyers!
    The Maltstock flyer with your name on it instead of one of our sponsors. A one of a kind opportunity!

The hunt is on now! And will last until Monday April 13th midnight CET.

Please stay healthy everyone, stay relaxed and look after each other!

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