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From the people who brought us comes Archives. Over the years they have continued to carefully select casks with the highest potential and then left them alone to develop into experiences that need to be shared. Only when the time is right and the whisky ready to drink, do they bottle the cask. Always bottled at cask strength without dilution or added coloring or flavors. We are lucky enough to have a selection of these extraordinary, limited-edition bottles.

Deanston 1997 ~ Age: 21 year
Distilled: 1997 ~ Cask: Bourbon Hogshead
270 bottles made

Nose: Oranges, floral and toffee notes. Ripe pears, honey and a bit of herbal elements.
Taste: A lot of oranges here, some honey
notes, the floral aspect emerges again which leads to toffee. The floral and herbal notes are nicely balanced with the oranges and honey.
Finish: Mid-long finish mostly on oranges, honey with floral/herbal aspects. Other funky elements in here make this a very interesting whisky.
PRICE: $195/btl

Ben Nevis 1998 ~ Age: 21 year
Cask: Bourbon Hogshead
292 bottles made

Nose: Some cereals and caramel to start that quickly lead towards a fresher, fruity side. Pears and apples, develop into tropical fruits where lychee and grapefruits are most dominant.
Taste: Fresh fruity flavors follow through. There is pineapple, lychee and juicy pears. Hints of grapefruit and some mango jump in to complete it all.
Finish: A subtle mid long finish, mostly on ripe pears, pineapple.
PRICE: $210/btl

Caol Ila 2010 ~ Age: 9 year
Cask: Bourbon Hogshead
284 bottles made

Nose: Surprisingly fruity to start with, subtle peat elements. Fresh apples, pears and subtle vanilla. Later, the Islay elements start to speak up, becoming more coastal and peated.
Taste: Fresh fruits, salty, vegetable peat and then obvious coastal influence. However, not an overly peated malt – Can definitely be a good intro to Islay whisky.
Finish: Long finish, sweet ripe pears, some icing sugar. Salty rocks, peat and a very gentle touch of smoke. Complex!
PRICE: $105/btl

Glen Moray 2007 ~ Age: 11 year
Cask: Bourbon Barrel
197 bottles made

Nose: A nice subtle caramel and banana
combination. Fresh green apple skin, on top of stewed apples, a hint of burnt oak. Some milk chocolate to top it off. Lots going on!
Taste: Nice ripe bananas, fresh juicy apples, some honey and vanilla.
Finish: A mid-long finish. Caramel is here again combined with subtle spices.
Hint: use a few drops of water to play with the flavors!
PRICE: $92/btl

The Park Avenue Liquor Shop
270 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10016

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