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Edinburgh: 27th February 2020

Society on Tour 

Firstly, we would like to thank you for making the transition to our online Society Portal.  Despite some initial teething problems, most of you have now managed to sign up and buy a bottle of our latest release of Hazelburn 11yo which should be in your glass at home very soon. Now that you are on the system and we have the first ‘portal bottle’ nearly complete, future releases should run more smoothly.

Society on Tour

Alongside our “new look” Society, we want to make sure we are doing as much as possible for our members. One idea we’ve had is to take the Society on the road and host tastings more frequently and further afield from Campbeltown.

To get the ball rolling we’ve decided to hold a small tasting for members in Edinburgh.  The tasting will be held on Thursday 27th February in the Waverley Bar, Edinburgh, starting at 8:00pm.

The tasting will be free of charge to society members and will give you the chance to catch up with some of the Springbank Sales Team in attendance whilst enjoying some tasty drams.

If you are available and in the area and would like to come along to the tasting please click on this link

Society on Tour – Tickets

Please note: The tasting area is not very big so there are only a maximum of 30 places for the tasting which means the first 30 people to get in touch will be given a spot for the tasting. It is not possible to book more than one place. 

If you can’t make it this time but would like to be involved in future tastings near you, send us an email with where you would like to see future society tastings taking place.

We look forward to seeing our members who can come along and, for those who can’t make it, we hope to see you soon.

Springbank Society
The Springbank Team

To join the Springbank Society contact them at Springbank Society society@springbank.scot

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