Nth 2020: The Whisky Event of the Year

2020 promises to be a vintage year for fans of sports and fine spirits alike. With two major industry calendar events taking place on the weekend of the 23-25 April in Las Vegas, there’s never been a better opportunity to take your enthusiasm for football and whisky to entirely new heights. The 2020 NFL Draft and Nth 2020 – the Ultimate Whisky and Spirits Experience – will be taking place side by side in the thrumming heart of Las Vegas, meaning visitors to the city will be able to enjoy two unforgettable spectacles at once, and partake in a truly remarkable weekend packed full of incredible highlights.

Nth 2020: The Whisky Event of the Year

While The Las Vegas Strip hums with NFL Draft excitement on the weekend of the 23-25 April 2020, over at the glamorous Wynn Hotel, there’s just as much to celebrate for those who love luxury spirits, fine wine and Champagne, and rare whiskies. Nth 2020 is the ultimate encounter with the uppermost echelons of the world of fine spirits, and promises – on its 10th anniversary year – to be bigger, more spectacular, and more unforgettable than any that has come before.

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