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 – It’s World Wetlands Day  

At Glengoyne, we’re very proud of the positive impact being generated by our wetlands, a project we have invested more than £245,000 in to date. We’ve been working with the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT), which conserves, restores and creates wetlands. Why are they so important? It’s because as well as providing a home for plants, invertebrates, birds and other wildlife, wetlands are extremely energy efficient. They cover less than five percent of the world’s surface, but lock away around a third of its terrestrial carbon.

We were the first distillery in Scotland to trial using wetlands to treat our spent lees – the liquid we don’t need after distillation. Instead of sending the lees to an industrial treatment plant, we treat it on site by having it make its way through a series of twelve pools – each thick with reed beds. This slows the flow and removes anything that would harm our local burn’s delicate balance before it makes its way into Loch Lomond.

Because gravity is used, we only need a 1.5KW pump to send the spent lees on their way. The process has cut our waste by around 25%, meaning around 21 transports a week from the distillery are no longer required.

Far more satisfying though was to hear the results of a recent site survey, which recorded a dozen species of birds on the site, including House Martins, Grey Herons, Moorhens, Sedge Warblers, Reed Bunting and Pied and Grey Wagtails! Not only that, but from an initial planting of 22 different species, a further 65 species of plant have now colonised the area, including marginal ones such as Skullcap and Water Figwort.

So here’s to making whisky the right way; in harmony with nature.



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