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Tomatin Distillery capture the flavours of south western France with the latest Warehouse 6 release: The 1977

In a bold move, the award-winning distillery has used a wine cask from Sauternes, France to mature its latest luxury expression. After a journey of over 1,100 miles and 42 years in waiting, The 1977 is one of Tomatin’s most exclusive releases ever. 

15th January 2020: Tomatin, the renowned Highland distillery has today announced the newest expression from the Warehouse 6 collection: The 1977. This luxury whisky is the first in the distillery’s history to be matured in a Sauternes wine cask, resulting in an exceptional explosion of tropical flavours.

Tomatin’s whisky from the 1970s is known for its deep and complex fruit flavours. This unique flavour profile combines stunningly with the intense notes of coconut, mango and ginger that are a trademark of the Sauternes region of France. The delicate balance of flavours has resulted in one of Tomatin’s most exceptional spirits to date, yielding just 390 bottles priced at £3,000 each.

Graham Eunson, Distillery Operations Director at Tomatin, said“Of the thousands of casks held at Tomatin, we’ve only ever acquired a handful of Sauternes wine casks. Using any one of them, even for one of our oldest and most valuable whiskies wasn’t a decision we made lightly; we knew from the start that it could be difficult to impart the flavours of the wine cask to the whisky without overwhelming it. Despite the immense challenge, I’m pleased to say that our team has produced a truly exceptional whisky that includes notes of apricot, peach, sweet honeysuckle and spice, all enticed from the Sauternes cask’s influence.” 

The 1977 expression has spent its life maturing in Warehouse 6, the traditional dunnage style warehouse where Tomatin’s most treasured casks are laid low above a cool earthen floor. Cared for by several generations of the distillery’s workforce, their dedication is perfectly matched by the complex meteorological conditions that surround the towns of Sauternes and Barsac to produce extraordinarily sweet wine. These fruity notes have influenced the whisky over time, resulting in a luxurious expression that dances across the palate for a gloriously long finish.

As with every Warehouse 6 release, each expression pays tribute to the Tomatin craftsmen that have been custodians of exceptional Scotch for generations. The 1977 is no different, and as with the previous luxury expressions in the series, (the 1971, 1972 & 1975), each of the 390 units is decanted into an exquisite hand blown Glencairn Crystal decanter with unique copper decoration. This luxury bottle is presented with two glasses (also Glencairn Crystal), a solid copper stopper, along with a numbered certificate detailing the remarkable journey of the whisky.

Bottled at natural cask strength (49% alc./vol.), each of the 390 units of The 1977 is priced at £3,000 and will be available from specialist retailers throughout the UK and the world.

Available from whisky specialists and online retailers including:


The Whisky Exchange

Master of Malt


Tomatin Distillery has been producing and blending malt Scotch whisky since 1897. Over the last 50 years, the distillery has borne witness to vast change. At its peak in the 1970s, Tomatin was the largest distillery in the world operating 23 stills and producing 12 million litres of alcohol every year. Over the last decade, significant time has been invested in rediscovering the distillery, people and values, and in refining the business model to move away from the formerly lucrative bulk commodity market to now focus on Tomatin’s core range of single malts, The 1977 release is a part of Warehouse 6’s limited edition range, which includes the 1971, 1972 and the 1975.

Tomatin is located in the Scottish Highlands (near Inverness) and is famous for its portfolio of soft and mellow whiskies, including a core range, a limited-edition range and a premium archive range (prices range from £35 – £10,000). In the last ten years, Tomatin has secured over 60 prestigious awards in a variety of categories, and in 2019 the distillery celebrated its most successful year ever at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition, securing seven Double Gold awards and four Gold awards.

About the The 1977

  • Cask Number: 38863
  • Cask Type: Sauternes Hogshead
  • Strength: 49% alc./vol.
  • Distillation Date: 23rd September 1977
  • Bottling Date: 30th September 2019
  • Number of bottles: 390

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