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Vault Edition
Second Release – Peat Smoke

50.1% ABV · 70cl


The second release in the Bowmore Vault Edition series has arrived. These expressions are hand-selected to uncover the depth and range of flavour generated by maturation at Bowmore.

Four notable layers characterise all Bowmore whiskies as a result of the rare environment within the iconic No.1 Warehouse. Each release in this four-part series showcases a different layer; Atlantic sea salt, peat-smoked perfection, full-bodied fruitiness and silky sweetness.

This second edition showcases Bowmore’s perfectly balanced smoky character, wisps of Peat Smoke at once enveloping and exciting the senses. Notes of toffee, dried fruit, sea salt and smoke make for a beautifully balanced whisky.

Open the door to a story of deeper character.

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