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New Kentucky Owl Allocations Are Here
Limited Availability on Bourbon’s Newest Collectible Superstar

One of the most coveted brands over the past two years, Kentucky Owl has quickly become a must-own label for the most dedicated Bourbon collectors. Today we have our allocations of two limited gems: Batch #9 and their 10 Year Old Batch #3 Rye. Batch #9 Bourbon is their newest flagship release, their highest proof to date, and “the most robust” rendition ever, according to their master blender. It combines barrels ranging from six to fifteen years old, and just over 800 cases are produced for the world. Our price is about the sharpest you’ll find, with some online listings going for twice our retail. The 10 Year Old Batch #3 Rye was released right before their #9, and as with all the other Kentucky Owl releases, it is a one-time-only production. It is reminiscent of the best-selling inaugural release that quickly became an all-time K&L best seller. Both are extremely limited, and what is in-stock is destined to sell quickly.

Kentucky Owl 10 Year Old “Batch #3” Straight Rye Whiskey (750ml) $189.99 View

Kentucky Owl Batch #9 Bourbon Whiskey (750ml) $349.99 View

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