The Party Source’s 2nd Annual Bourbon Harvest is Saturday, November 30th from 11am to 5 pm, and we will be featuring all things Bourbon. We will have tastings that will highlight selected Bourbons, Bourbon barreled wines and beers, and so much more. We will also have an exciting selection of rare and highly allocated Bourbons available for purchase throughout the day. Of course, the day’s highlight are our hourly raffles for Old Rip Van Winkle and Buffalo Trace Antique Collection.


Please read carefully. The Party Source Bourbon Harvest Raffle will be a two raffle process. The first raffle will select participants eligible to purchase one bottle and one bottle only of Old Rip Van Winkle or Buffalo Trace Antique Collection (whichever is available at the time of the raffle). The second raffle will select your place in line for purchase.

Signups must be submitted in-store only. Raffle signups begin Friday, November 1st. No signups may be submitted online in any form and no submissions can be made after midnight, November 23rd. To save time, you may print and fill out your submission form and present it in-store.

We will select first-round raffle winners at random and those winners will be able to participate in The Party Source’s Bourbon Harvest raffle. Winners will receive an email confirmation on November 27th with a time slot and voucher for the Saturday, November 30th raffle. In order to accommodate as many people as possible and in an orderly fashion, we are holding staggered raffles with designated time slots. Each raffle winner will be given a designated time slot. Time slots are not transferable in any way.

Rules for attendees on November 30th:
1. Must be physically present at the Party Source during your appointed time slot. Stand-ins will not be accepted.
2. Must have your emailed voucher printed and with you
3. Must have your valid ID with you at the event. The ID must match the information on your voucher.

We wish you all luck and as always, thank you for shopping with us for all your party needs!

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