Bimber Single Malt is available for ordering now from Tyndrum Whisky – English (London) Whisky News


First general release bottle available now. Lauded over, fawned over, this it not to be missed. The 1st general release bottling from Bimber Distillery, is available to order from now. This Bimber Small Batch release is the FIRST General Release bottling from them, crafted from a vatting of heavily charred American oak casks laid down in 2016.

The barrels were hand Charred by their own Cooper in London. This deep charring process caramelises the wood sugars and influences the whisky by imparting distinctively sweet, rich, smooth and fruity flavours. Every cask is specially selected, and married together in Bimbers hand-made Vat, before being bottled.

Whisky Maker’s Notes

NOSE: Orchard fruits and spit-roasted pineapple chunks are sweetened with honey, nougat and cookie dough. Oak smoke and wood char float across the nose, whilst cinnamon and pepper spicing offers an enlivening intensity.
PALATE: Red apples and ripe pears sit alongside banana bread and pineapple juice. Caramel, butterscotch sauce and split vanilla pods combine with layered pepper and ginger spicing and a characterful note of charred oak.
FINISH: Enduring wood smoke supports beautifully fading fruits and perfectly balanced oaky dryness.

This new small batch release is limited to 5,000 individually numbered bottles. From Bimber London Distillery



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