Halloween belongs to The Glenrothes – Scotch Whisky News

We are pleased to reveal to our Spirit of Rothes community our 13 Year Old Halloween Edition 2019 single malt and, with it, a ghostly revelation: Halloween is Scottish! The whisky celebrates the ancient traditions and forgotten rituals that permeate Scotland’s history.

Thirteen is an unlucky number for some, superstitious for others. For The Glenrothes, it’s the perfect year to open the most unusual casks, and our latest eerie release has a hidden treat for the owner. The Glenrothes Halloween Edition 2019 resurrects the mystique and mystery of a deeply Scottish celebration by combining the ancient with the new. State of the art Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is embedded on each bottle label to reward its lucky owner with a hidden webpage and exclusive tasting video in the company of the Spirit of The Glenrothes.

This is our spooky secret for now.
The limited edition launch will not be available to buy on www.theglenrothes.com until 13th October.
Haste ye back!

Additionally we invite you to watch the premiere of “The Real Halloween”, a short film from The Glenrothes unveiling Scotland’s latest smoky secret.


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