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Jura launches limited edition dedicated to its island community

Jura Two-One-Two #1; 13 Years Old

Jura Single Malt Whisky is set to pay homage to its small and vibrant island community with the launch of the new series of limited annual releases, Jura Two-One-Two, dedicated to the 212 (ish) members of the Jura community.

The first limited edition is a 13 Years Old single malt with a bold ABV of 47.5% which accentuates the unique house of Jura.  The added dimension is created by concluding its maturation in Chinkapin Oak casks from the Ozark Mountain Range of Missouri.  Known for its acorns, this is a highly prize white hardwood which adds a distinctive twist to the sweet, spicy and smoky character.

With a warm honey hue, this small batch whisky is elegant on the nose with an aroma of lemon cake that gives way to cinnamon spice and creamy toffee. A whisper of poached pear and of sherbet then lead into a spirit that is charming on the palate. Vibrant flavours of nutmeg and ginseng are bolstered by roast pistachios wrapped up in the tang of the Chinkapin oak.

Kirsteen Beeston, Head of International Malts at Whyte and Mackay, said, “We talk about Jura being a long way from ordinary and this latest creation certainly supports this.  By celebrating the people who make up our community, we are not only acknowledging the fundamental role they each play in our whisky, we are also highlighting the vital role of community to the Jura brand.

“Two-One-Two is special.  From its inspiration, to its ABV and finish, this single malt offers consumers something full of character which is both affordable and collectable.  Being small batch, we are excited to be able to up the age with every release which we know will appeal to those who love Jura and the wider whisky fraternity.”

Gregg Glass, Whisky Maker at Whyte & Mackay Ltd remarks, “Chinkapin is a wood that is rarely seen in the industry, but the impact it imparts on Jura’s light grassy spirit is worth the experiment. It’s a fantastic partner which pushes the boundaries of what people expect of Jura’s house style, while its pioneering nature is the perfect way to celebrate the exceptional community which our distillery sits at the heart of.”

Highly collectable and affordable, the inaugural Jura Two-One-Two will be limited to just 6000 bottles at an RSP of £90/Euro 100/$120 and released annually over the next five years.

The hand crafted style and design of Jura Two-One-Two reflects natural textures of its island home and sees the classic Jura bottle wrapped in paper adorned with imagery from the island.

Jura Two-One- Two #1 is available now in select markets internationally including the UK, France, Germany, Africa, Russia and Greater Europe.


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About Jura:

Jura is a tiny Scottish island nestled off the West Coast of Scotland. With only one road, one pub, one distillery and 212(ish) people, Jura is as beautiful as it is remote.

The distillery was established in 1810 and reborn in 1963 to revive the community.

Inspired by our history and our island home, we create single malt with a true passion for the craft of whisky making.

Jura Two-One- Two #1

RSP – £90

Non-chill filtered

6000 bottles only to be made

Maturation – Bottled at 47.5%ABV and at 13 years of age. Matured in American White Oak ex-bourbon barrels and finished in Chinkapin Oak casks 

Colour – Warm honey

Nose – Lemon cake, cinnamon spice and creamy toffee

Palate – Poached pear, sherbet and roasted pistachio

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