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It’s high summer and the Far North is, as the poet Neil Gunn famously described it, “the land of exquisite light” – it’s daylight almost round the clock in fact. Wolfburn is in its annual maintenance period, when all the equipment is stripped and serviced and cleaned, which has given us a wee breather and time to put together this edition of the Laydown.

The first half of 2019 has seen our whisky – and indeed the Distillery as a whole – win a series of hugely prestigious awards from competitions all around the world. Full details of the awards can be found here and a list of forthcoming shows and exhibitions we’re attending can be found  here .

It’s over six-and-a-half years since Wolfburn went into production (time flies when you’re having fun!) and the constant production cycle has taken its toll on the equipment, so we’re sprucing up the stills and while we’re in a constructive frame of mind, we’re also installing a proper shop. Read all about the distillery’s improvements here.

Collectors of our limited releases will be happy to learn that after a relatively quiet first half of the year, there will be several new bottlings in the coming weeks. Wolfburn’s Summer edition (only available to visitors at the distillery) will be released any day now, and it will be closely followed by the long-anticipated fifth instalment in the Kylver series. Read more on Kylver#5 here.

In the meantime we’ll be doing a special release for the forthcoming Mey Games, consisting of just 200 bottles. The whisky has been matured for a shade over five years in an ex-bourbon quarter cask and is a real treat. Anyone not able to attend the Mey Games (3rd August) has a chance to win a bottle here!

Last Autumn saw Wolfburn’s first charity release, which raised almost £10,000 for PoppyScotland. After the success of the fundraising and the wonderful reception given to the whisky, we’ve decided to do another charity bottle this autumn, in aid of Help For Heroes . Full details will be announced next month.

In the meantime we will sign off with this rather lovely proverb: “What whisky will not cure, there is no cure for!”

The Wolfburn Team

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