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Kaiyo “The SHERI” Mizunara Oak Finished Japanese Whisky (750ml)

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The next installment of Kaiyo’s excellent Japanese whisky. Only 450 cases released world wide. Aged in Olorosso and PX casks and finished in Mizunara oak.

By: Neal Fischer | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: 7/21/2019 |

This recent addition to the Kaiyo lineup wants to capture the hearts of those who love rich Sherry finished whiskies. The nose smacks of butter toffee and candied fruits. Stewed apples and syrupy berries come out to play with toasted almonds and dark chocolate. Of course there are also robust scents of oxidization coming from the Sherry finish, all of which downplays the influence of the Mizunara oak aging. The palate starts off like dessert as well with dried fruits, blackberry jam, and more chocolate notes. Towards the finish, leather and charred oak wrap things up.

By: Cameron Hoppas | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: 7/14/2019 |

Big, rich, and sherried. This Japanese whisky is incredibly smooth, likely with help from the little bit of sherried sweetness. It’s dense and round with nice caramelized apricot and spice aromas. The sherried elements certainly are the star in this whisky, but the best part for me is the way the sherried butterscotch sweetness interplays with the sandalwood spice of the Mizunara oak. A clean, rich and smooth whisky that’s all to easy to keep sipping on.

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