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Littlemill 30

Littlemill 30 Year Old

1988 single cask sherry butt bottled 2019 by Harts Bros.

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Littlemill 30 Year Old 1988 vintage Lowland single malt Scotch whiskey. Single cask sherry butt bottled March 2019 Hart Brothers for the Legends Collection series. 100 numbered bottles. Sweet and slightly spicy on the palate. Smooth with a long lasting warming finish. Dark chocolate and treacle. Heather honey, vanilla, custard, banana and summer fruits. Tangerines with cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Littlemill Distillery¬†was established in 1772 to the west of Bowling by the north shore of the River Clyde and on the main road into Glasgow. Subsequent modifications during the 1930s resulted in a number of novel features including double ventilation towers which sat over a single drying kiln and pot stills with rectifiers rather than the traditional swan necks. The combination of pot and column stills in Littlemill Distillery was designed to produce malt whiskey which was expected to mature quickly. When production ceased in 1992 Littlemill Distillery was the oldest working malt whiskey distillery in Scotland. Closed in 194 and demolished in 2006 and now Littlemill is a lost Scottish distillery although the shell of the manager’s house remains.


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