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Single Cask Nation Releases Batch 5, Its Biggest Yet!


We’re incredibly excited about releasing the fifth, and so far the largest, batch of Single Cask Nation!  Having scoured legendary warehouses for the choicest of casks, full of amazing aqua vitae, we found incredible variety of flavor you’re going to love. In a couple of cases, we chose two different casks from the same distillery.  We bottled these expressions to show the wide varieties of flavor you can find from a single distillery. We’re not saying that you should buy one of each to compare, but we’re also not not saying that.


Ledaig 13yo – 57.1%

Color: Reflective copper
Nose: Sea spray over pebbles on the beach, delicate coal smoke and pine tar, warm oatmeal with apple and cinnamon, fruit cake fresh from the oven with raisins and boozy cherries
Palate: Pleasantly oily with dried figs, dates, raisin bread, vanilla ice cream sprinkled with sea salt, and returning coal smoke

Finish: Long and memorable, redolent of dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt, then returning fruit cake

Ledaig 15yo – 55.7%

Color: Sauvignon Blanc
Nose: Initially restrained, but notes of crispy pork chops in a white pepper vodka sauce, copper pennies, and fresh rain on potting soil all greet you upon first sniff. After the first sip notes of onion crisps and worn leather are present, supported by a rich malty backbone
Palate: Big and meaty with a very present note of French onion soup, to be sure, but notes of Mexican stone ground chocolate and espresso beans come to the fore. Sweet BBQ beef jerky and a slight yet pleasant floral freshness toward the finish
Finish: Lasting notes of salted licorice and smoked salt on honeydew melon


Clynelish 9yo – 58.1%

Color: Reflective Straw
Nose: Freshly opened box of Jujyfruits, banana LaffyTaffy, Cheerios, freshly laid malt floor, lemon curd, ground pepper, easy to nose with zero alcohol burn, bright, creamy, inviting, fruit Roll ups, hints of sandalwood
Palate: Oily and mouthcoating, bright and engaging, warm cereal notes, candied green apples, ground pepper, candy lips, hints of charred wood around the edges, white tea and fresh honeycomb, ripe tangerine slices
Finish: The texture last for days while the fresh fruits under a dusting of pepper strike a delicious balance

Clynelish 23yo – 52.4%

Color: Burnished Brass
Nose: Stewed fruits at first blush complimented by cinnamon buns and crushed Luxardo Maraschino cherries. Pipe tobacco in the distance, but the dark fruits keep coming to the fore. Add to this guava paste with a dark chocolate dusting
Palate: The mouthfeel is so waxy it’s almost chewy. Sweetened wheat germ and muesli loaded with black currants, dark chocolate nibs, and fresh pomegranate seeds. As flavors build, notes of used books and hot dry attics become apparent. The pipe tobacco note returns as well
Finish: Long and now peppery with hints of warm dates and prunes.


Glenburgie 20yo – 58.9%

Color: Olive oil

Nose: Warm and malty with aromas of cardamon and Crème Brûlée, caramel and cigar wrappers, lemon pinwheels, tinned pears, and spiced vanilla, then hints of fruit cake and toasted hazelnuts

Palate: Wonderfully viscous with pronounced malt, spun sugar, cinnamon buns, graham crackers, then hints of browning pineapple and apple butter

Finish: Sassafras leaves and cold coffee with dark chocolate nibs

On the label: Moderate to long with continuing malt presence, powdered ginger, a hint of cinnamon and grilled pineapple towards the end.


Cameronbridge 26yo – 53.3%

Color: Fresh engine oil
Nose: Cooked stone fruits, spiced cured meats, baked avocado with red pepper flakes, fresh party balloons, pickled walnuts, dusty bookshelves, hints of smoked cumin, fresh deck of playing cards
Palate: Mouth puckering sherry dryness with more pickled walnuts, roasted red fruits, and warm cinnamon with hints of distant struck match. The mouthfeel is dense and waxy with additional rich sherry oak notes (without being too woody), crushed and cooked walnuts, and a concentrated sherry reduction
Finish: Long and rich with warm oak, soft black pepper, and a lingering red fruit juiciness

Single Cask Nation will continue to update their distributor list so you’ll know when Single Cask Nation retail has made it to your state. Additionally, if you want to get really geeky, here are all the details for the expressions. Thanks again for being part of our family and enjoying these fine whiskies with us! We’ll be in touch about other exciting news as the year drinks on …

Please feel free to reach out for more details on the bottlings:

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