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  • New Rebel Yell French Barrel Special Finish launches outside of U.S


  • Bourbon finished in toasted oak wine barrels for 6 months


  • 6,000 bottles to be released in first year


Lux Row Distillers is launching its first ‘international release’ bourbon as it continues to meet growing demand from whiskey drinkers in the UK.

The new Rebel Yell French Barrel Special Finish will be the first bourbon it hasn’t released for sale in the U.S. and bears the secondary-finishing hallmarks of Lux Row’s head distiller and master blender, John Rempe.

The bourbon was finished in toasted French Oak wine barrels for 6 months, creating a robust mouth feel with plenty of oak, spice and a hint of chocolate and ginger on the rear palate. 6,000 bottles will be released in the first year, with the bourbon on-sale from October at £30.

The new Rebel Yell French Barrel Special Finish comes closely after the release of John Rempe’s Blood Oath Pact No. 5. This rare whiskey sold-out before bottling and is created by carefully blending three bourbons; a 13 year old mahogany bourbon which is peppery with shavings of dark chocolate, an 11 year old silky wheated bourbon rich with vanilla and honey, and an eight year old bourbon finished in Caribbean rum barrels to impart orange, brown sugar and warm island spice.

John Rempe comments: “The fifth release of the Blood Oath has proved as popular as its predecessors, quickly selling-out. This provided the inspiration for the Rebel Yell French Barrel Special Finish. We wanted to create something unique for the growing number of bourbon connoisseurs in the UK, which is why we decided to launch this whiskey outside the U.S.

“Finishing in the toasted oak wine barrel creates a real point of difference, giving the bourbon more depth and complexity in terms of its layers of flavour. Secondary-finishing is bourbon’s equivalent to year of vintage in single malt Scotches. It’s a great way to create something truly one-off.”

The Rebel Yell French Barrel Special Finish will be available in the UK, France and Italy, and will be distributed by Cellar Trends in the UK.

John concludes: “There’s a growing appreciation of bourbon here in the UK, with real interest in stories about how the whiskeys are made and a keenness among consumers to seek out new and unique flavours. Small batch and limited editions will always prove popular amongst connoisseurs, but we’re seeing secondary-finishing satisfy both demand amongst bourbon purists as well as attracting new drinkers to the category.”


Real roots, real family, real products: Lux Row Distillers – a bourbon distillery experience on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail – is a family-owned venture, bringing the Lux family history and spirits tradition to the bourbon industry.

Owned by consumer products company, Luxco, Lux Row Distillers is the home of bourbon brands including Rebel Yell, Blood Oath, David Nicholson and Ezra Brooks Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

Located in the heart of Bardstown, Kentucky, the 18,000-square foot Lux Row Distillers site includes a visitor centre, barrel warehouses, a tasting room, and event space, making for an all-encompassing bourbon experience. The 90-acre property is home to an 18th century stone house, registered as a National Historic Place, and a long, tree-lined driveway providing a scenic entrance to the distillery.


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