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In Pursuit of Something GreaterThere comes a point in every journey, and any endeavour, where bold decisions must be made. With the help of Dutch film-maker Juriaan Booij, we’ve created a film about two decisive turning points that have helped define the course of The Macallan.


The first of these touches on the origins of our decision to use sherry-seasoned oak casks, tracing this pursuit through to today where you meet one of our team, David. He’s responsible for ensuring the best European oak is used in the cooperages of Jerez de la Frontera. Here, the oak staves are turned into casks, filled with sherry and held for two years before making their voyage to the North of Scotland and our Distillery on the River Spey.


The second decision centres on our new Distillery, the destination of our casks. You will meet George, our Head of Engineering, who helped us to build a new brand home that embodies our pursuit of the exceptional, designed in harmony with the beauty of our natural surroundings and providing a foundation for future generations.



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