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Extra Age on a Classic, Bestselling Bourbon
Basil Hayden’s 10 Year Old Kentucky Bourbon ($54.99)
“The perfect whiskey for fans of the old style Basil.” —Andrew Whiteley, K&L NorCal Spirits Buyer

If you are a fan of Basil Hayden, or even more broadly of high-rye whiskeys, then you simply have to try this spectacular 10-Year edition. Possessing all the hallmark characteristics of their standard bottling, but with even more woodsy spice and power, it’s a jaw-dropper that charms from one sip to the next. Brimming with flavors of caramel, crème brûlée, baking chocolate, and spearmint, it displays unmistakable refinement. Holding the center, of course, is Basil Hayden’s rye spice. The release holds its own against the classic bottlings from Old Grand Dad and serves as a delightful reminder of the celebrated Bourbons of a bygone era. Age-statement whiskeys are increasingly difficult to find under the $100 mark, so having this one for under $55 is a boon. Pick up a few bottles, as you’ll find yourself coming back to this 10 Year Old again and again.

Basil Hayden’s 10 Year Old Kentucky Bourbon (750ml) ($54.99)

The Basil Hayden 10-Year is the same high-rye bourbon Hayden fans know and love but aged longer for a softer, smoother experience. The deep rye grain is balanced perfectly with the mellow vanillas and sweet oak aromas. Basil’s trademark spice is always there keeping things honest. At 80 proof, it’s easy enough for anyone to appreciate. When you want to turn it up a bit, but not scare anyone off, the Basil 10-Year is a great choice.

Andrew Whiteley | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: June 27, 2019

Basil Hayden has long been one of the most popular bourbons at K&L. The standard BH, long bottled at 8 years old, has presumably is now bottled in the 6-8 year range since it lost its age statement in 2014. Fortunately for fans of the woodier profile that comes with age, Beam has brought back a number for the front of the bottle in this 10-year-old release. Still bottled at 80 proof and showing off the signature spicy finish of the high rye mashbill, BH10 is the perfect whiskey for fans of the old style Basil. Richer in caramel, vanilla, mocha, and with a touch of fresh mint, the 10-Year is a huge step up from the excellent, but sometimes thin, regular bottling. The extra time in barrel provides the backbone that is characteristic of the higher proof in a bottling like Old Grand Dad.

Neal Fischer | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: June 18, 2019

This is a high-rye Bourbon that doesn’t necessarily drink like one. It’s got big, smooth caramel running throughout, accented by baking spice. Notes of stewed apples mix with buttermilk creaminess and a bright cherry accent. This is a very smooth Bourbon with a long, earthy finish.

Jeffrey Jones | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: June 17, 2019

Bourbon comes in many different styles, from rich and heavy to light and delicate. This Basil 10 is a classy example of the light and delicate style. The nose is pretty with a subtle aromas. In the mouth it is juicy and elegant, light and balanced with a subtle vanilla finish. This is a first-class bourbon that should please any whiskey drinker.


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