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Ardbeg Drum

A Unique and Delicious Expression of a Special Islay Malt
Ardbeg “Drum” Limited Edition Islay
Single Malt Whisky (750ml)

Every year the whisky world waits with bated breath for the release of Islay’s Ultimate Whisky. This malt at the end of the road just a mile before the Cross of Kildalton has been reborn over the last two decades. What was once almost certainly destined to become a living relic of a different era in Scotch production has transformed into one of the most exciting, dynamic, and sought-after malts. Yet, we don’t see a huge amount of new releases or unique expressions from the famed distillery, instead they release just ONE experimental batch a year. The Limited Edition is Ardbeg’s chance to offer its loyal followers a new take on this peaty monster. Each year, its esteemed Whisky Creator Dr. Bill Lumsden and Head Distiller Mickey Head join forces to find a new way to present this magnificent malt. Each year we receive a small allocation of the unique collaboration, which sells out without questions and becomes a must have for collectors, but also represents some of the most interesting Islay Malt we sell.

This year’s release is no less intriguing than ever before. Finished in fresh rum casks, the resulting whisky has the heady brine and deep smoke you’d expect from Ardbeg, plus a bountiful treasure of dense tropical fruits and Islay spices. We love the confluence of two very distinct and disparate Islays coming together in this magical product. Once this dram of Drum is done, we’ll have another one.

Ardbeg “Drum” Limited Edition Islay Single Malt Whisky (750ml) ($109.99)

The wonderful Limited Edition Ardbeg gives us a reason to celebrate the impending arrival of summer when the bottles are released on Ardbeg Day—June 1st. The Limited Edition bottling is one of the most-anticipated offerings every year and this year’s “Ardbeg Drum” has taken the line to a whole new level. Matured in ex-bourbon oak for presumably 10 years before being transferred entirely to ex-rum casks sourced from somewhere in the “Americas,” the Ardbeg Drum is a totally new expression of the unique flavors of Islay’s Ultimate Malt. Instead of the typical fresh lemon peel, we get ultra-ripe banana and zippy fresh pineapple. On the palate, Ardbeg’s rich briny smoke is pointed with spicy ginger, sweet vanilla bean, and deep baking spice. These extremely limited expressions always sell out, but we’re hoping these don’t end up sitting in the back of a collector’s cabinet because it’s such a unique and delicious expression of this special Islay malt.


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