Springbank Society Quarterly Newsletter: May 2019

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It’s almost time! We have reached the month of May, which means the Campbeltown Malts Festival is almost upon us. We simply cannot wait to see all of you in a couple of weeks time and we know you will all love what we have planned. Alongside our friends at Kilkerran and Wm Cadenhead’s, we have a raft of tastings and demonstrations in store and we will send out a separate email before the festivities begin with a brief description of the Festival schedule which contains important information for everyone coming to Campbeltown later this month.

Also included are details of where our Sales Team will be travelling to over the next few months and a round-up of Distillery News, letting you know what has been happening (and what we are planning for the future) at Springbank and Glengyle, in Campbeltown and beyond.

Distillery News:

Malting has continued with Springbank, Hazelburn and Longrow Malt all being produced since the turn of the year. In typical Campbeltown style we had snow, ice and near zero temperatures at the end of January, then record warm temperatures just a couple of weeks later in February which kept the malting team on their toes with regards to opening and closing windows and working the floor to keep the temperature consistent!

Springbank, Hazelburn and Longrow spirit have also been flowing from the stills and laid down into a mixture of our Sherry casks direct from Spain and Bourbon barrels direct from the USA. We had a slight scare when the firebrick under the wash still partially collapsed and caused production to stop for a week, but luckily this was repaired and we were back to work as normal after that.

Glengyle is enjoying a well earned rest before we start production again in September, and is visited weekly by staff to fill and drain the washbacks with water to ensure they are in top condition for more ‘Kilkeriments’.

This year’s Springbank Whisky School started with the first week on the 8th of April, and the scholars have been enjoying some famed Campbeltown sunshine (and the odd bout of torrential rain) as they have been put through their paces in malting, mashing, distilling, bottling, warehousing and an end of week exam! We have enjoyed welcoming a diverse range of students to the distillery each week and look forward to meeting all the students still to arrive this term.

And our new tour programme was launched at the start of April – including the unique Barley to Bottle Tour. This new experience gives visitors the chance to spend the entire day behind the scenes at Springbank Distillery, learning about every stage of production process and ultimately creating their own Springbank bottling. For more details on the Barley Bottle Tour and all our other tours/tastings please visit our website or email tours@springbank.scot.

Sales Team Events

In the first few months of the year we have been kept on our toes travelling around the world spreading the word of all things Springbank, Glengyle and Campbeltown. We are all settled down in Campbeltown again, preparing ourselves for the most highly anticipated whisky festival of the year.

So far this year we have been doing some major globetrotting to see friends both old and new, and to spread the love all in the names of Springbank and Glengyle Distillery. We’ve visited many countries in the past 5 months including Japan, Canada, USA, Denmark, Switzerland and Belgium.

In the upcoming months you’ll be able to catch us all around the world again.


11th & 12th: Melanie Stanger will be representing Springbank and Kilkerran in Germany at Kieler Whisky Messe.

27th – 31st: David Allen will be venturing to South Africa for a Sales Tour.  Consisting of visits to Johannesburg and Cape Town.


1st: Grant Macpherson will be in Ayr with some fantastic Springbank and Kilkerran whiskies on offer at the Whisky An’A’That Festival.

2nd: Grant Macpherson will also be making his way down to London to represent Springbank and Kilkerran at The Whisky Event.

7th – 14th: Ronan Currie will be touring South Korea representing Kilkerran and sharing some great drams at tastings in Seoul and Busan along the way.

15th: You’ll be able to find Melanie at Lockett Bros in North Berwick pouring some whiskies from our great Kilkerran range.

15th: Ronan Currie will be at The Whisky Exchange : Fitztrovia store in London serving some drams of Kilkerran.

17th: Ronan Currie will be hosting a Tasting and Cocktails Event in Milroys of Soho in London with Kilkerran.

19th – 23rd: Melanie Stanger is travelling to Germany to represent Kilkerran on a tasting tour.

21st: Mitch Graham will be in Troon to host a joint Springbank and Kilkerran tasting in The Jar.

21st: Grant Macpherson is in Bakewell at The Wee Dram to host a Springbank and Kilkerran tasting.

22nd: Grant Macpherson continues his journey onward to Stoke to represent Kilkerran at the Stoke Whisky Festival.

24th – 28th: Melanie Stanger will be going on a tasting tour in France representing Kilkerran.


6th: Grant Macpherson will be on the road again, this time at Geraldo’s in Largs to serve up some Kilkerran drams.

8th – 19th: David Allen will be travelling to the West Coast of USA for a sales tour to promote Kilkerran.  This visit will consist mainly of trade visits.

Events taking place further in the future will be included in the next Quarterly Newsletter and, please remember, the Events Section of the Springbank Website is updated whenever we have new information to share with you all.

Springbank Website – Events Page

Campbeltown Malts Festival

The Campbeltown Malts Festival! Not long to go now and we look forward to welcoming lots of you to Campbeltown we’re sure there will be enough whisky to go around!

Tickets have been on sale since February and after the initial rush and madness we hope everyone has got the tickets they were looking to get.

We understand that demand is high for the tastings, but please don’t fret! There’s still a limited number of tickets remaining for the Evolution of Kilkerran tasting, which will include some of the early WIP series and the first ever vatting sample of the 2020 16yo Kilkerran!  There are also tastings/masterclasses that are ONLY bookable on the day of the tasting! So plenty of opportunities to pick up some last minute tickets for some delightful tastings!

Don’t forget we also have some great whisky bars available on both days! The Springbank Warehouse bar on Thursday and The World Famous Cadenhead Lucky Dip Bar and Pop-Up Kilkerran Cocktail Bar on Friday!

Also for all who will be attending the Malts Festival, you will have the chance to get your hands on some special Open Day bottles:

A very special Hazelburn 21yo, matured in a Refill Sherry Hogshead.  This will be bottled at 46% ABV with only 222 bottles available, at £250.00 per bottle.

A Springbank 8 year old which has been matured in Fresh Sherry casks.  This will be bottled at 56.8% ABV. There will be 1100 bottles available, and is £65.00.

Longrow 15yo which has been matured exclusively in First Fill Rum casks, bottled at 52.4% ABV with 911 bottles available. This is £75.00 per bottle.

Lastly we have a special Kilkerran Open Day bottle which will be available on the Friday of the Malts Festival, a 15yo Kilkerran matured in Refill Bourbon casks.  This will be bottled at 57.1% ABV with only 630 bottles available. This is also £75.00.

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