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-Award-Winning Blacks Brewery & Distillery Launch Unique Whiskey Founders Club-

Initially taking the market by storm in 2013 with their selection of craft beers, Blacks Brewery and Distillery, Kinsale has gone from strength to strength, offering consumers award-winning gin and Ireland’s first and only rum. This dynamic family owned and operated Cork business is constantly innovating and identifying new opportunities which will bring high-quality, great-tasting beers and spirits to consumers.  Their passion and entrepreneurial spirit is once again on display as today they launch the exclusive Blacks Whiskey Founders Club.

Coming hot on the heels of their Silver medal win at the London Spirits Competition for their renowned Blacks Irish Gin, the husband and wife team of Sam and Maud Black wish to open their doors and give other whiskey enthusiasts the opportunity to help shape the history of Irish whiskey.  After investing in two copper stills, Blacks Whiskey Founders Club is giving the first 500 whiskey and spirit enthusiasts the chance to purchase their very own cask, starting from €6,500 and resulting in 397 plus bottles of their own pot stilled single malt Irish whiskey.

According to The Irish Spirits Association, whiskey comprised 42% of Ireland’s beverage exports in 2018 and the global value of premium Irish whiskey is on the rise.  Whiskey is also becoming a world leader, as the fastest growing spirits category, and it is predicted that exports will exceed the 2020 target set by the Irish Whiskey Association of 12 million cases.

In light of these strong whiskey statistics, while there are one or two similar personalised cask schemes available in Ireland, Blacks Founders Club is unique as it also poses an investment opportunity for consumers. After five years of maturation Founders Club members may decide to have their whiskey bottled as their own label whiskey as the ultimate family, friend or corporate gift, or to sell on the secondary whiskey market. One of the founding members plans to bottle his whiskey at the end the distilling process and use them as his business cards to potential clients!  Alternatively, Blacks are offering an attractive investment buy-back scheme if cask owners wish to sell their casks back to Blacks at the end of the initial five-year period at a predetermined agreed value, offering investors a minimum 4% annually compounded (approx. €280 per year per cask) return on their initial investment.

Commenting on the expansion and launch of Blacks Whiskey Founders Club, Sam Black, Founder of Blacks Brewery & Distillery, commented: “Considering another record year of export growth in the whiskey industry, and with our extensive experience in the microbrewery and distillery market, we knew it was a no-brainer to invest in the installation of two new copper Irish whiskey stills. My wife and I have had so much fun on our beer and spirit journey to date that we wished to offer others the opportunity to share in our passion and journey. It is with great excitement that we today announce the official launch of the Blacks Whiskey Founders Club.  This club offers 500 investors world-wide the opportunity to invest in Irish whiskey. It is our heritage; our history and we want to keep that going for our country. We have many personalised cask options available to consumers, one which features one of our famous craft beers. Members can choose a beer from our range and we will fill a bourbon cask with that beer type for three months prior to emptying and filling with the new-make spirit. This gives a unique flavour to the spirit and you can own an ultra-rare and unique product that is paired with your favourite beer!”

“If 300/400 bottles of whiskey (which is what the average cask produces depending on the cask strength) is too much to handle, then Founders Club investors have the option to sell their entire cask back to the distillery at the predetermined agreed value with a 4% p.a. compounding return on investors’ initial purchase. Based on one of the casks available, this return equates to a CAGR of 4% per year or a total gross return of 21.7% for the five-year period. Members also have the option to extend the maturation for additional years and allow the whiskey to continue to mature and grow in value as it ages. We look forward to welcoming Founders Club members into the Blacks family.” Mr Black added.

The Blacks Whiskey Founders Club is built on an ethos of community and provides a platform for like-minded whiskey enthusiasts and connoisseurs to socialise and sample together. On joining this exclusive club, members receive a gorgeous leather branded documents folder which they will fill throughout their five-year journey with items such as their cask bond certificate. Members can request to be present in the distillery on the day of distilling or cask filling, and once a year will be invited to Kinsale for the weekend to visit the distillery and mingle with other members in a fun party setting.

Membership is now open, with production due to start in January 2020. To take your place in the history of Irish whiskey or for further information on Blacks Founders Club, email Sophie at or visit

 About Blacks Of Kinsale Micro Brewery & Distillery Blacks Micro Brewery & Distillery is an Irish microbrewery and distillery, founded by husband and wife team Sam and Maudeline Black in 2013, and remains a 100% family owned business who pride themselves on both quality and innovation. Many years ago, Maudeline gave Sam a home brewing kit for Valentine’s Day, sparking their passion for brewing. This hobby developed into an obsession and, in 2013, their dreams became a reality when Blacks Brewery was founded. In 2015 a distillery was added to the site, where they began producing a range of Irish craft spirits. Currently, Blacks produce a range of beers, Gin, and Ireland’s first and only rum.

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