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Jameson Irish Whiskey, which is produced by Irish Distillers in Midleton Distillery, has unveiled the next instalment of its successful advertising platform, ‘Taste, That’s Why’. The new campaign, titled ‘The Bartenders’ Gathering’, launches across television, digital and social media in Germany from April 2019, ahead of a wider global roll-out later this year.

In line with the recent ‘Scully Was to Blame’, ‘Coopers’ and the ‘The Case of the most Unusual Case’ creatives in the series, the new television film is inspired by another true story about Jameson. ‘The Bartenders’ Gathering’ has been created by TBWA Dublin under the helm of John Kane, Executive Creative Director, produced in Ireland and directed by Stink Films’ Anthony Mandler, whose recent portfolio includes work for Apple, Nike and Adidas.

Set in modern Dublin in 2016, the commercial tells the true story of the 200 bartenders from around the world that gather in Dublin each year for the Jameson Bartenders’ Gathering; a three-day immersive and educational summit for bartenders to hone their skills, learn about Jameson and the history of Irish whiskey, and explore the rich culture of modern Ireland. This commercial retraces the memorable experiences that the group had and the connections they made, with an unexpected twist in the story.

Jameson invited 50 real bartenders from Ireland and around the world to star in the film to add authenticity to the creative. The TV spot is supported by an integrated social campaign that tells documentary-style true stories of the three bartenders who stayed behind and also delves further into stories of bartenders from places such as Spain, Germany and South Africa. Click here to view.

Simon Fay, International Marketing Director at Irish Distillers, said: “Last year, we put the unique, smooth taste of the Jameson family center-stage through our ‘Taste, That’s Why’ campaign and the feedback that we have received from bartenders, whiskey lovers and premium spirits drinkers alike has been exceptional.

“As we unveil the next chapter in the ‘Taste, That’s Why’ story, we wanted to highlight Jameson’s revered position among bartenders as they have been instrumental to our success in the USA and around the world over the past 29 years. The new spot conveys the true spirit of the annual Bartenders’ Gathering in a high octane but light-hearted manner with a twist of Irish humour – it’s exactly what you’d expect from Jameson, and will help us to further build the profile and personality of the brand supporting equity growth into the future.”

John Kane, Executive Creative Director TBWA, said ‘We discovered this story after a fateful meeting with a bartender from Cameroon. It was almost too good to be true…  it’s definitely true to the Jameson brand’s core purpose of connecting people.’

’The Bartenders’ Gathering’ will be unveiled in Germany in April, ahead of its introduction to other key Irish whiskey markets throughout 2019 and beyond.


About Irish Distillers

Irish Distillers is Ireland’s leading supplier of spirits and wines and producer of the world’s most well-known and successful Irish whiskeys. Led by Jameson, our brands are driving the global renaissance of Irish whiskey. Jameson is the world’s fastest-growing Irish whiskey, experiencing 29 years of consecutive growth and hitting sales of 7.3m cases in 2018. Our brands are exported to 130+ markets, with over 80 of those experiencing double- or triple-digit growth.

Irish Distillers was formed in 1966, when a merger took place between John Power & Son, John Jameson & Son and Cork Distilleries Company. In 1988 Irish Distillers joined Pernod Ricard, gaining access to unprecedented levels of investment and an extensive global distribution network. Since 2012, we have invested over €250m to double our production and bottling capacity to meet global demand for our products.

We employ over 600 people across our operations in Cork and Dublin. 

About Pernod Ricard

Pernod Ricard is the world’s n°2 in wines and spirits with consolidated Sales of €8,987 million in FY18. Created in 1975 by the merger of Ricard and Pernod, the Group has undergone sustained development, based on both organic growth and acquisitions: Seagram (2001), Allied Domecq (2005) and Vin&Sprit (2008). Pernod Ricard holds one of the most prestigious brand portfolios in the sector: Absolut Vodka, Ricard pastis, Ballantine’s, Chivas Regal, Royal Salute and The Glenlivet Scotch whiskies, Jameson Irish whiskey, Martell cognac, Havana Club rum, Beefeater gin, Malibu liqueur, Mumm and Perrier-Jouët champagnes, as well Jacob’s Creek, Brancott Estate, Campo Viejo and Kenwood wines. Pernod Ricard employs a workforce of approximately 18,900 people and operates through a decentralised organisation, with 6 “Brand Companies” and 86 “Market Companies” established in each key market. Pernod Ricard is strongly committed to a sustainable development policy and encourages responsible consumption. Pernod Ricard’s strategy and ambition are based on 3 key values that guide its expansion: entrepreneurial spirit, mutual trust and a strong sense of ethics.

Evan Williams Bourbon Launches Evan Williams Apple – American Whiskey News

EW Apple

Evan Williams Bourbon Launches Evan Williams Apple

BARDSTOWN, Ky. – Evan Williams Bourbon today launched Evan Williams Apple, the newest addition to the fast-growing Evan Williams Flavors portfolio. The world’s second largest-selling Bourbon marries with the crisp taste of green apples for a delicious taste experience.

A natural fit for the Evan Williams Flavors lineup, apple has seen heightened success across the brown spirits category as the flavor surpasses honey in popularity according to IWSR. As the flavored whiskey category has continued to expand, both established flavors like honey, and newer entrants like apple, are propelling the segment to nearly 10 million nine-liter cases, showing that flavored whiskeys are still a key growth opportunity. The addition of Evan Williams Apple rounds out the flavor offerings within the Evan Williams flavors franchise, providing retailers an opportunity to build on the franchise success, as evidenced by Evan Williams Honey, which grew at seven percent over the last 12 months.

Mirroring the rest of the Flavors line, Evan Williams Apple is bottled at 70 proof. Evan Williams Apple is “picked fresh” and “poured smooth” as a simple mixer in cocktails or refreshing on its own over ice. On the nose, Evan Williams Apple is crisp, green apple forward with Bourbon behind. The taste is juicy, sweet apple with hints of caramel and light spice, with a long, smooth finish of a green apple and Bourbon blend.

“Evan Williams Apple is an approachable flavor that stays true to the quality of Evan Williams Bourbon and personality of the brand,” said Julie Cole, Evan Williams Brand Manager. “We look forward to bringing in new consumers to the Evan Williams franchise, as well as giving our current consumers more choice.”

Evan Williams Apple will be supported by the “Picked Fresh. Poured Smooth” tagline, as well as a dedicated media program and point-of-sale products throughout summer 2019. Available in 750ml and 50ml sizes, Evan Williams Apple SRP is priced in line with the flavors family at $14.99.

EW Apple 1

Enjoy Evan Williams Apple in one of the following refreshing cocktails:

Evan Williams Apple Mule

2 parts Evan Williams Apple
Ginger Beer
Squeeze of Lime

Build Evan Williams Apple over lime in a mule cup. Top with ginger beer. Squeeze fresh lime juice. ​

Evan Williams Cranapple Spritz

1.5 parts Evan Williams Apple
0.5 parts Cranberry Juice
Club Soda
Cinnamon Stick

Build Evan Williams Apple and cranberry juice in a cocktail glass over ice. Add a splash of club soda and garnish with a cinnamon stick. ​


ABOUT EVAN WILLIAMS: The flagship Bourbon of Heaven Hill Distillery, Evan Williams is among the leaders in the rapidly growing American Whiskey segment as the world’s second largest-selling Bourbon. Evan Williams is a proud sponsor of Major League Baseball and the World Series, first forming a partnership with the national pastime in 2016. As an American-made and American-owned brand, Evan Williams has recognized true American heroes through their exceptional stories of honor and bravery on special edition American-Made Hero labels for the past four years. The Evan Williams Bourbon Experience ( celebrates the legacy of Evan Williams through an immersive visitor’s center experience which brings to life the history and tradition of Kentucky’s native spirit as an official stop on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

A Pair of K&L Exclusive Single Malts at Unbeatable Prices – Scotch Whisky News


A Pair of Exclusive Single Malts at Unbeatable Prices

We’ve had quite an impressive run of single cask exclusives over the past few months. There have been so many great drams that even we’ve had trouble keeping track of them all! While such a bounty is never a bad thing, it does mean that some bottlings don’t get the full attention they deserve. Enter the 21 Year Old bottlings from Auchroisk and Macduff. These under-the-radar single malts offer everything a discerning Scotch drinker looks for and do so without breaking the $100 mark. This is nothing short of remarkable in today’s heated Scotch market. The Auchroisk is a multi-layered affair serving up an array of cereal, nut, and honey tones, while the Macduff exists on the more elegant and refined side of the Scotch spectrum. Both are utterly captivating and will be welcome additions to any Scotch collection, large or small. We encourage you to read through the staff reviews and see what makes this pair so special.


1997 Macduff 21 Year Old “Hepburn’s Choice” K&L Exclusive Single Barrel Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml) ($79.99)

The lovely Macduff Distillery – sold locally under the Glen Deveron label – is one of those tragic cases of great malt lost behind the blends. The owners don’t spend much time making a fuss of the little distillery, which was built in 1958. Not much of the whisky is sold as malt and mostly it’s marketed in France. The distillery located in Banffshire was a crucial element in the popular William Lawson Blend, but recently the owners have revitalized the Glen Deveron brand with a posh new look and some expensive age stated offerings. Despite the great packaging of the released brand, the low proofs, high price and use of chill-filtration has meant we’ve avoided the brand for the most part here at K&L. While it’s not a name that gets people running into the store, there’s no question that Macduff is producing some gorgeous Highland malt of the highest quality. Part of what makes it so unique is the use of 5 total stills (2 large wash and 3 smaller spirit) which contribute to the extremely elegant character of this exceptional malt. Not as fruity as Benrinnes and not nearly savory as Mortlach, the only other distillery with this precise setup is actually Talisker. For those looking for purity, complexity and crave the refined flavors of the malt-driven distillates in the eastern Highlands, there’s no doubt that you’ll fall in love with this most stalwart of malts. Macduff will save Scotland again. Well, at least he’ll save you a few bucks, so might as well make him King already.

Andrew Whiteley | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: November 15, 2018

Rich, malty, and possessing just a touch of chewiness. This is an incredibly clean and pure malt. Cereal and honey are the high tones. A bit of caramel and chocolate make up the bass. A real workhorse for the blending industry, it’s a bit of a rarity in the US to see the single malt on its own. That’s a real shame, since it’s an exemplar of pristine malt flavor. A gentle fruitiness rounds out the inherent flavor of the barley. If you like old school Highland Scotch, this cask is for you. It’s a thing of beauty.

Neal Fischer | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: November 26, 2018

There’s a nice breadiness and spice profile on the nose for this Scotch initially. More sniffs reveal licorice notes, fizzy cola, orange zest, lemon, vanilla chews, and rose petals. The palate is more leathery, but just as zesty with bright lemon, orange, and spice. The spice builds – rather than softens – through the finish making this a fun little ride.

Jeffrey Jones | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: November 16, 2018

This is the first time that I have had the chance to taste a single malt from this distillery. I am glad that I got to have this chance, because this is a very good single malt whisky. With one or two drops of water the nose opens up and is powerful and expressive, with aromas of wax, honey, and wood spice. In the mouth the honey, wax and spice notes continue with a creamy mouthfeel.


1996 Auchroisk 21 Year Old “Hepburn’s Choice” K&L Exclusive Single Barrel Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml) ($89.99)

Let’s get the hardest part out of the way – It’s pronounced “Ah-thrusk.” This non-peated nutty and spicy malt is the result of hot and fast whisky making. A quick mash of the malt, a short fermentation period, and a rapid boil in the wash still leave this whisky heavy and rich. A style that makes it a cult favorite for drinkers and blender’s alike. Located just south of the Burn of Mulben and east of the River Spey, Auchroisk was originally built to supply J&B with malt for their famous blend. There have been distillery bottlings since 1986, but it is more common to see this gem of a distillery bottled as single casks from independent bottlers. Happily we work with the best independent bottlers to find the best casks, and this one really shines. The roasted character from the hot production has mellowed over 21 years into a rich and complex blend of honeyed granola and roasted chestnuts. Perfect for a cold winter’s night by the fire.

David Othenin-Girard | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: December 13, 2018

Part of the problem with bringing in 40 casks at once is that several of our bottlings fall under the radar. In general, were ok with that because once people make it around to tasting the sleepers they begin to realize the incredible diversity of the whiskies we have to offer. Auchroisk is a good name that almost no one knows. We powered through the last of the limited release this year, which the distillery couldn’t sell at the MSRP of $400, but our customers demolished at $250. Now we’re offering a similarly aged product from this excellent distillery for only $90 and no one seems to have noticed. Their loss is your gain! This magnificent example of one of the quintessential Speyside flavor profiles is firing on all cylinders. The big nose of cake frosting and oak spice reminds me very much of the 25 year old, but with more purity. The palate is pointed and peppery until you add the requisite dash of water. Then the nose pops with an opulent mineral quality, something like a northern Rhone white (but not like floral viognier). The palate is now absolute overflowing with flavor. Citrus peel, candied apples, malted cocoa, tropical fruit salad, it’s an absolute stunner. When people finally get around to this little whisky, they’ll be kicking themselves they didn’t notice it sooner. And this PRICE, I mean COME ON!

Andrew Whiteley | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: December 01, 2018

Of the many casks we brought in this year in the sub-100 dollar range, I think this is my favorite of the no peat variety. And not just because it’s the one currently in my glass. The weight and texture of this malt is gorgeous. It’s perfect without water, full and nutty. Dominated by golden cereal grain and toasted nuts. The color says bourbon barrel, but the inherent character of the malt makes it feel like it’s seen a short finish in a sherry butt. There is a great spice cake and fresh Dutch crunch roll/brioche note that I almost always associate with sherried whisky. The finish is super clean and lengthy. For me, this is pure enjoyment in a bottle.

Jeffrey Jones | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: December 01, 2018

Another hidden treasure from the world of single malts. The nose has honey and wax aromas but comes across clean and fresh. In the mouth the entry is sweet with pure and delicate flavors. With water, the nose really opens up with floral notes coming up and in the mouth dry flavors balanced out the flavor profile. There are no smoke aromas or flavors. A fantastic bargain for single malt lovers.


Just Whisky Auction Live! – Auction Whisky News


Just Whisky Auction Live!

Ends Sunday 21st April

Just Whisky went live with one of their biggest ever auctions. With over 2,000 lots there are some real gems in the listings. We’ve highlighted some of our top picks below.


Bowmore 1955 – 1974 Visitor Centre Opening Ceramic Decanter

From the legendary Bowmore distillery of Islay a truly rare gem. Specially bottled for the opening of the distillery’s visitor centre on September 12th 1974. This vintage ceramic flagon was mainly handed out to staff to celebrate the opening, most of which decided to open but lucky for us we have here one of the few remaining unopened bottles. We are led to believe it is 37.5cl size flagon but no size is stated.


Glenlivet 70 Years Old 1943 – G&M Private Collection (One of 42 bottles)

Private Collection Glenlivet 1943 by Gordon & MacPhail is quite simply one of the rarest Scotch whiskies ever bottled with only 42 decanters ever produced.


Laphroaig 27 Years Old 1980 (1 of 94 bottles)

This is a special bottle from Laphroaig, selected from only 5 of the finest Oloroso Sherry Casks by Master Blender Robert Hicks and distillery manager John Campbell and bottled in 2007. It’s a natural cask strength Vintage 1980, Aged 27 years and was limited to just 94 individually numbered bottles.

View and bid on over 2,000 lots at

Mark’s Whisky Ramblings 246: The Celts 22 Year Old 1996 for MMM – Scotch Whisky News


Mark’s Whisky Ramblings 246: The Celts 22 Year Old 1996 for MMM

Mark Dermul, Belgian whisky blogger, releases another single cask whisky for MMM – Mark & Manny’s Malts. For their second single cask release in the Tribe Series, they designed another great label: the fierce Celts. It is again a secret Speyside scotch, from a distillery that was founded in 1892 in the valley of the deer, literally a stone’s throw away from the famous distillery that produced their Picts. Nuff said! It matured on a bourbon cask for 22 long years. ‘And it is simply marvelous, thank you very much,’ Mark adds.




HAMILTON, BERMUDA 11 APRIL 2019 Whisky lovers flying through Heathrow this Easter are in for a rare treat with the launch of the new AULTMORE® Wine Cask Collection on 18th April, a limited-run edition only available from World Duty Free Stores at Heathrow.

Georgie Bell, the AULTMORE Global Brand Ambassador will be in World Duty Free stores in Terminals 3 and 5 on 18 April, for bottle signings and tastings sessions, running throughout the day.

The AULTMORE Wine Cask Collection is part of the EXCEPTIONAL CASK SERIES (launched May 2018) – a collection of superlative bottlings from the single malt distilleries of; ABERFELDY®, AULTMORE®, CRAIGLLEACHIE®, ROYAL BRACKLA® and GLEN DEVERON®. The series comprises a number of extraordinary bottlings specially chosen by Malt Master, Stephanie MacLeod.

Exclusively bottled for Heathrow passengers, MacLeod has hand-selected three 22-year-old AULTMORE expressions, each a with a distinct wine cask finish. Each of the three whiskies in the collection was initially matured for 11 years in re-fill sherry and bourbon casks, followed by an additional 11-year maturation in one of three different ex-wine casks:

AULTMORE 22 Years Old – Super Tuscan Finish

Maturing for an additional 11 years in a Super Tuscan red wine cask, from one of the world’s greatest Cabernet Sauvignons, imparts incredible elegance and an intense smoothness to the ethereal quality of AULTMORE. Notes of buttery toffee, unctuous vanilla and concentrated floral aromas are offset with a delicate oakiness. Bottled at 52.1%, 108 bottles are available, priced at £360 (70cl).

AULTMORE 22 Years Old – Château-Neuf-du-Pape Finish

The glorious, rich Château-Neuf-du-Pape red wine casks enhance the delicate side of AULTMORE to create luxurious deep red fruity notes, veiling the whisky with floral hues and touches of spice. Complex fruits – figs, plump juicy grapes and the scent of honeysuckle all redolent of the south of France. Bottled at 52.1%, 144 bottles are available, priced at £340 (70cl).

AULTMORE 22 Years Old – Moscatel Finish

After eleven years in Moscatel casks, the sweet wine has imparted decadence and honeyed sweetness to the delicate AULTMORE whisky. Layered with florals, vibrant with ripe fruits, potent spices and a long luxurious finish. Bottled at 52.1%, 222 bottles are available, priced at £320 (70cl).

The first 50 shoppers purchasing all three expressions together can choose to have them housed in an elegant wine presentation box, featuring printed tasting notes.

Aultmore Logo


About AULTMORE Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Founded in 1897 by Alexander Edward, AULTMORE distillery inhabits a strange, secluded place by the winding Buckie Road. Its whisky was ranked ‘top-class’ by industry insiders many moons ago, yet it’s long been something of a secret, one kept and enjoyed by canny locals.

Aultmore draws its water from the misty, mysterious area known as the Foggie Moss, where it is naturally filtered through gorse and heather. This, along with peat-free malt, ensures the eventual whisky’s light, clean character and makes for a dram of green grassy notes and supreme smoothness.

The portfolio comprises three AULTMORE single malts: the 12 Years Old, 18 Years Old and 21 Years Old.


Nick Savage (2) (002)


Bladnoch Distillery announced today they have appointed Dr Nick Savage as their new Master Distiller. This appointment comes after the departure of former Master Distiller and Blender Ian MacMillan in January 2019.

Nick has an impressive career in the industry – after being awarded his PhD in engineering – he commenced at Diageo as Technical Lead in Cask Maturation, he then spent time in the Scottish Lowlands working with William Grant & Sons in brewing and distilling. He most recently was Master Distiller for The Macallan where he led the Whisky Mastery team, and played a key role during the major launch of the brand’s new distillery and visitor experience in June 2018. Nick now returns to the Lowlands and joins Bladnoch, three and a half years after Australian businessman David Prior purchased the 200 year old distillery.

Nick said of his decision to join the distillery team: “The vision and ambition shown by David Prior and the team at Bladnoch Distillery, together with the phenomenal efforts since 2015 with the re-generation of the historical site, played a huge part in my decision to join the Bladnoch business. The opportunity also allows me a new challenge in Single Malt Lowland Scotch Whisky from a 200 year old distillery. Combined with the passion and drive that the Bladnoch team have for the ultimate quality, I’m extremely excited to be a part of the amazing future of the brand.”

Bladnoch CEO and owner, David Prior, stated: “It’s a great privilege to welcome Nick Savage to the Bladnoch business. He has an impressive track record with a number of significant whisky companies and brands, most recently as Master Distiller for The Macallan. His youthful, positive and energetic approach will add great value to our team and business, as will his technical and operational skills. With the Visitor Centre opening in mid-June and Nick joining the business we are excited to undertake the final phase in bringing this amazing Lowland Single Malt distillery back to the whisky world.”

Nick will join Bladnoch on 1st July 2019, working with newly appointed Distillery Manager Neil Bulloch and the rest of the Bladnoch team.

Bladnoch Distillery is Scotland’s southernmost distillery, and one of a handful that remain independently owned. Since being purchased in 2015 by Australian entrepreneur David Prior Bladnoch has enjoyed a renaissance, launching their line of award-winning Bladnoch Single Malt Whiskies and Pure Scot, their contemporary Blended Scotch Whisky, in over 30 countries. In 2017, Bladnoch Distillery celebrated its 200 year anniversary making it one of the oldest continuously operating distilleries in Scotland. In June 2019 Bladnoch Distillery’s state-of-the-art visitors centre will open, welcoming visitors to the distillery once again after its significant renovation.

For all Bladnoch Distillery news, please visit and sign up to our mailing list for regular updates here:


Scotch Whisky Auctions Feis Ile 2019 Tastings May 27th & 30th, 2019 – Scotch Whisky News


With great excitement we would like to announce that we will be hosting two tastings during the Feis Ile this year. Our first offering will be devoted to The Macallan, an exclusive brand loved throughout the world. From Oscuro to a 25 YO Anniversary Malt, it’s sure to be a special evening. Our second offering of the week will be an evening dedicated to some of Islay’s most classic drams.  From historic to legendary, the evening will be a beautiful sensory tribute to the home of the Feis. To purchase tickets, click on the images below which will redirect you to the purchasing platform.

We look forward to seeing you there. 



Discover the taste of Speyside with BenRiach at The Whisky Shop – Scotch Whisky News


Discover the taste of Speyside with BenRiach



This Speysider has been matured for at least 21 years in four different cask types: bourbon barrels, virgin oak casks, Pedro Ximenez sherry casks and red wine barriques. Whisky from each of these casks has been expertly married together by Master Blender, Rachel Barrie, to create a beautifully balanced single malt. The nose has ripe summer fruits and candied peel with a warming stem ginger note in the background. The palate brings soft vanilla and cinnamon with tangy red fruits emerging alongside citrus aspects. The finish is long and sweet with barley sugar and honeyed malt. 70cl / 46% abv

£139.00 – Buy Now



This BenRiach has been bottled exclusively for The Whisky Shop and is packed with the fruity sweetness that is sure to go down well with our customers. Drawn from cask number 5279, this expression is limited to just 553 bottles and bottled at a cask strength of 56% abv. The nose has red liquorice, spearmint, plum pudding, rhubarb crumble, custard and fresh oak. The palate brings rich toffee and spearmint, fruity grapes and raisins mixing with freshly ground white pepper and bitter chocolate. 70 cl / 56%

£84.95 – Buy Now



A peated malt – unusual for Speyside. BenRiach Curiositas achieves a peat richness through the use of malted barley dried in the traditional way over peat infused kilns. Traditionalists believe that peated malts achieve optimum balance of peat-bittersweet and oak infusion after 10 years of maturation. On the nose it is undoubtedly peaty, but there are fragrant hints of honey. On the palate, the expected smoke and peat flavour is followed by a complex mix of fruit, heather, nuts, oak wood and spices. 70cl / 46%

£47.00 – Buy Now



Crafted using three facets of sherry cask maturation, this Speyside single malt from the BenRiach distillery has undergone 12 years of maturation in sherry casks, followed by finishing in Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso sherry casks to give unexpected layers of sweet fruits and toasted oak spice. The nose is fruity and rich, with pear, figs, apricot and mandarin syrup, alongside creme caramel and toasted vanilla. The palate has more sweet fruits with honeyed fig, baked pineapple, sultana, chocolate fondant and nutmeg. The fruits continue in the finish with a long and lingering sherry note. 70cl / 46%

£48.00 – Buy Now



A peated expression from The BenRiach distillery, Temporis (meaning ‘time’ in Latin) recreates the original character of Speyside malts of the 19th century, when the use of peated malt was widespread across the region. This expression is crafted with whisky matured for at least 21 years in a combination of bourbon barrels, virgin oak casks, Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso sherry wood. Sweet pear notes and toasted oak spice combine with honeyed peat and smoked pinewood. The palate is smooth and creamy with rich peat building to smoked cinnamon, star anise and pineapple. The sweet and smoky finish is long and lingering. 70cl / 46%

£149.00 – Buy Now

TWS Logo

Ben Nevis Batch #1 at The Whisky Barrel – Scotch Whisky News


Ben Nevis Batch #1

10 Year Old cask strength limited edition matured in sherry and bourbon casks. Ben Nevis 10 Year Old 2008 vintage Small Batch Highland single malt Scotch whisky. Limited edition matured in first fill Sherry, Bourbon and Wine casks bottled September 2018. Each bottle is numbered.

Ben Nevis Distillery is a Highland malt whiskey distillery established by John McDonald in 1825 at Inverlochy just north of Fort William and rests at the foot of Ben Nevis, Scotland’s highest mountain. A Coffey’s Still was installed in in 1955 and both malt and grain whiskies were produced simultaneously until 1981. The core range comprises Ben Nevis 10 Year Old, McDonald’s Traditional and single cask bottling are released from time to time. The distillery is owned by Nikka of Japan.

Shop $109.50

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