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Available now are two different casks of our American Oak expression: one 12 year old and one Old & Rare 18 year old  – the oldest whisky ever released by Sullivans Cove.

American Oak is our most awarded style, the first Australian whisky to receive Liquid Gold Status in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible and the only Australian whisky to ever be awarded “Best Single Cask Single Malt” at the World Whiskies Awards. Aged in 200L American oak ex-bourbon barrels, every small bottling reflects the unique characteristics of each individual cask.

Our American Oak bottlings are generally aged between 10-12 years and are a brilliant showcase of Tasmanian barley, with notes of bright grain and fruit as well as soft oak, vanilla and caramel.

But on rare occasions, our skilled distillers also identify a cask with the specific characteristics that lend to extended maturation. These Old & Rare casks are aged for a minimum of 16 years, and express incredible texture and complexity as well as surprising freshness given their age.

Today’s release gives you the opportunity to try either or both of these iconic Australian whiskies.


American Oak Single Cask TD0149

Cask TD0149 was aged in a 200 litre American oak ex-bourbon cask for just over 12 years. Bottled at 47.4% ABV, this cask produced only 239 bottles.

Nose: Apricot, lemon curd, caramel fudge, grapefruit, warm cantaloupe, hazelnut chocolate, and aromatic oak spice

Palate: Lemon verbena, vanilla bean, stone fruit, malt grain and shortbread

Finish: Liquorice allsorts, fennel seeds, marshmallow, blackcurrant, pastry and shortbread

“A really textural and warming drop, this whisky is still fresh and bright, with all the warmth of a bakery on a winter’s morning.”
Heather Tillott, Production Manager


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