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Relaxed spring is in the air

Global warming is kicking in. In February it was 20ºC over here! So spring has already started. Somehow that is very relaxed. And what a relaxed month it has been!

We have started organizing the 2019 edition and that means we can give you a couple of names of relaxed people who will be with us this edition. (See below)

And the whisky festival season is in full swing so we can be found at several different venues, spreading our relaxed flyers and meeting you guys while sharing a couple of drams. Ain’t life wonderful and rel… ah well, you know what 😉

Annette, Bob, Klaas, Stan, Teun

Hielander Festival Alkmaar


On the 8th and 9th of last month we were at the festival organized by no one less than our breakfast crew: The Hielander Scottish restaurant. It was a great edition and it was very relaxed to meet old and new friends.


Billy Abbott returns

It always makes us so relaxed when we know Billy Abbott will join us again. So it’s with great pleasure we can now announce he indeed will be at Maltstock 2019! And he will be extra in an extraordinary festive mood. It’s the 20th anniversary of the Whisky Exchange this year. So bring your party hats everyone!

Upcoming events

Maltstock wil be present at:

• Whisky Festival Noord Nederland – – March 29-31
• Whisky in Leiden – – April 13
• Spirit of Speyside Festival – – May 1-6

Colours of whisky festival

We do like colours! So we’re very excited to hear about a new festival being launched in Speyside this October. Another very good reason to travel to Speyside (and if you need a relaxed travel agent….) The Colours of whisky festival is hosted by the excellent team of The whisky Shop Dufftown. So we have high expectations. Read more on this new festival here






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