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Raasay Distillery Launches Bespoke 30 Litre Casks

Proud to chart its own course, Raasay Distillery has today (Wednesday 6th February) launched its bespoke 30 litre casks of Raasay Single Malt.

The new 30 litre ex-Speyside Scotch whisky oak casks are now available to purchase on Raasay Distillery’s website and in person at the distillery.

The smaller casks make the island’s first expression more accessible to whisky lovers and will sit proudly alongside the 190 litre first-fill ex-American whiskey casks currently offered by Raasay Distillery and maturing in the island warehouse. Wood from ex-Speyside casks has been carefully chosen for the smaller casks to ensure the flavours of the final whisky are finely balanced.

All Raasay spirit is produced and distilled on the island, using only Scottish barley, distillers’ yeast and mineral-rich water sourced and filtered directly from a Celtic well on site. A long fermentation period brings a rich, characterful flavour to the Raasay spirit before it even touches the oak of a cask. Once the spirit is ready, both large and small casks are filled by the distillery team and left to age into the first ever Raasay Single Malt.

Distillery Co-founder Alasdair Day said:

“We wanted to make our first single malt more accessible in these new smaller casks. Depending on the angels’ share, after three years we expect to get around 40 bottles from the 30 litre casks, each offering a distinctly different character of Raasay whisky to our other bottlings.”

The 30L casks are small enough to make a perfect present for a loved one or for a special event, while bars or hotels can opt to co-brand their cask and display it on the bar. While the whisky matures, cask owners can come and visit their cask, staying in Raasay Distillery’s four-star accommodation: Borodale House. After the whisky is bottled, owners can also keep their empty cask as a treasured memento.

Isle of Raasay Distillers


In February 2019, the casks are currently filled with unpeated spirit at an alcoholic strength of 63.4% and the distillery will then move to heavily peated spirit later in the year.

30 Litre Whisky Cask: Price: £999

Volume: 30 Litres Expected Bottles: Approximately 40

Cask Type: Ex-Speyside Scotch Whisky oak cask Maturation: Matured on Raasay for 3 years and then bottled.

Keep the cask: You can keep you 30 litre cask once the liquid has been bottled.

190 Litre Whisky Cask: Price: £5,000 Volume: 190 Litres Expected Bottles: Approximately 250 Cask Type: First-fill ex-American whiskey casks. Maturation: Matured on Raasay for up to 10 years, during which time the liquid can be bottled at your discretion.

Raasay Distillery:

Isle of Raasay Distillery opened in September 2017 and became the first “legal” distillery on the beautiful Hebridean island. Co-founded by Scottish entrepreneurs Bill Dobbie and Alasdair Day, Raasay Distillery is designed to produce a contemporary Scottish island malt and catapult Raasay into the global market as Scotland’s newest whisky producing island.

Raasay Distillery is proud to be one of the few 100% Scottish-owned Scotch whisky businesses in Scotland. On the site of the Victorian-era Borodale House, formerly the Isle of Raasay Hotel, is a state-of-the-art modern distillery, offering year-round tours and luxury accommodation, with, arguably, the best view of any distillery in Scotland. The distillery has since received Five-Star Visitor Attraction rating and Four-Star Accommodation rating from VisitScotland for the visitor centre and accommodation respectively.

Isle of Raasay Single Malt will be lightly peated and fruity, utilising the best of the island’s natural elements and reflecting Raasay’s rugged natural beauty. Raasay Distillery uses water from an ancient Celtic well located behind Borodale House at every stage of production, from mashing to fermentation, to cask and bottling strength reduction, to retain natural flavours in the final whisky.

Working with local crofters, Raasay Distillery has successfully grown and harvested barley in a nearby field, the first time that barley has been grown on Raasay in over 40 years. In August 2018, the team produced spirit from the 2017 batch of Raasay barley crop, which will mature into the first ever single malt produced from Raasay-grown barley in 2021.

Raasay While We Wait is an independently bottled single malt – which has been crafted as an accurate preview of Raasay Distillery’s future core style. Designed as a peaty and fruity single malt, each iteration of Raasay While We Wait has been crafted through the vatting of two malts from a single Highland distillery – heavily peated at 45ppm and unpeated – matured in bourbon barrels and finished in Tuscan Montechiari wine casks.

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