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First ever Distillery crowdfunding in Canada

soars past 90% subscription

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, February 5th, 2019.

Two months ago, the Victoria Caledonian Distillery & Twa Dogs Brewery launched the first equity crowdfunding for a distillery-brewery in Canada and is 93% towards its $500,000 goal. The business intends to continue crowdfunding beyond this target to accelerate its international exports and launch a N.W. Whisky Trail. This crowdfunding campaign allows regular Canadian residents to secure a front seat pass into the craft spirits and beer industries just as these sectors are experiencing explosive growth.


Graeme Macaloney PhD, President & Founder of the Victoria Caledonian, said; “From the beginning we wanted to build a community around our brewery and distillery. By setting the minimum investment at $250, we’ve been able to invite more passionate whisky and beer enthusiasts into the industry. The community we’ve built is so engaged and excited about what we’re doing that they’ve helped us grow the business significantly. Thanks to this support, we’re well on our way towards achieving our aims of demonstrating to the world that Canadian Single Malt Whisky can be just as great, or even better than, Scotch.” The brewery and distillery currently has over 300 Canadian investors with dozens more about to join the fold as the crowdfunding campaign reaches its target.

With a prior $2.4 million in funding from Agriculture Canada one of the largest craft distilleries in N. America has been established, and proprietary rapid maturation know-how transferred from the late-great Scotch maturation expert, Dr. Jim Swan. Since opening in 2016, their spirit at just 15 months old, and can’t be called whisky until later this year, has already been turning heads and scoring as high as 91 points (a score usually reserved for 17 year old Scotches). Also, their craft beers took two top awards at the prestigious BC Craft Beer Awards, placing them in the top 10% of local craft beers thanks to Head Brewer Nicole MacLean who previously apprenticed at BrewDog, Scotland.
Investments start at $250 with brewery-distillery ownership conferring a potential return on investment, product discounts, attendance to their 3-day brewing & distilling academy, and other perks which give Canadian investors behind the scenes access to a brewery and distillery! The early-bird pricing ends February 8th at 11:59 pm. Those considering a possible investment of $250 to $5,000 should check: For investments of $10,000 or more please contact Graeme Macaloney per contact details below.

Victoria Caledonian Distillery & Twa Dogs Brewery
Graeme Macaloney PhD, PEng.

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