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Another year? How did that happen? 

It’s been nearly 1 year since The Great Whisky Raid of 2018, not much has happened lately but we are trying to work with the government to find a solution to the unlawful seizure of 242 bottles of some of the rarest whisky on earth and to see a policy change whereby bars and restaurants are able to source product from private retailers.

“Bars or Restaurants that specialize in exotic products that they can’t get through the public wholesaler should be able to access that kind of product legally”  David Eby, Attorney General, January 2018. But still no change.

We stand by our concerns surrounding the raid:

1: The manner in which the raid and seizure was handled: we feel that the government agents breached the Canadian Charter and were required to produce a seizure warrant as they seized the whisky “as evidence in an on going investigation”

2: Why the government refuses to allow licensees to purchase products from private retailers.

Last year industry lawyer Mark Hicken was called upon to review BC’s archaic liquor laws and through him, the review panel and submissions from industry stakeholders, of which we made 2 submissions. The final report containing 24 recommendations was handed to Attorney General David Eby on April 30th 2018 and has since been sitting on his desk collecting dust.

See The Report Here

Of all the recommendations in the report the one we have been advocating for is Licensee to Licensee sales (The Sourcing of Product, recommendation #11 on page 18 of the report). With the implementation of this recommendation we would be able to continue adding rare and wonderful whiskies to our collection including the fabulous whiskies from The Scotch Malt Whisky Society.

#11 The Sourcing of Product:”Hospitality licensees should not be restricted to buying their liquor products from government retail stores. Such licensees should be able to buy from any licensed source in BC including private retailers. In this way, hospitality licensees will have alternative sources for products where the wholesale system minimums are not met. An appropriate reporting mechanism should be established for such sales in order to ensure that the data relating to sales in this channel is not lost.”

To help out there is a petition on line: Free The Whisky

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We still have the largest whisky selection in the country and have nearly a 1000 whiskies on our shelves.

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