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At Edinburgh Silver we like to provide our customers with quality items. We like to provide people with something individual and unique so we decided on a quest. Originally it wasn’t designed as a quest but it soon turned into one.

We wanted to create our very own designed Silver Hammered Quaich. As we have commissioned many silver items for our online store before it should not be too difficult.  Or so we thought as we started the journey that nearly took 3 years from conception.

The Search For The Hammerman

All we needed was a skilled hammerman to help us shape our newly designed Silver Quaich. A man with the skills of the old arts and crafts, with the ability to hand hammer silver.

After a year of just looking for the right man we were about to give up and then we were given a name. However not all plain sailing as he was a retired hammerman. It was still worth talking to George Trainer of Sheffield.

The Next Generation

As luck and traditions go this was a family that passed down their skills through the generations. The art of hammering was still alive. It wasn’t George’s son who was now doing the work. No it was his grandson, perfect traditional skills in a modern world.

We decided that we would have to brave it and cross the border into England. Peter lived and worked in Sheffield so it was a long journey just to speak with him face to face. As we said truly a quest filled with desire to source and produce the best we could.

The Meeting Of Designers and Hammerman

We met Peter at his studio and he enthusiastically showed us some of his work. He even demonstrated his hammering skills first hand. We knew there and then that the search was now over .

Was it the end of the quest? Well, we were able to agree there and then a long term deal to be able to produce the new Quaich. We got back in the car pleased that we were finally going to produce our exclusive silver Quaich. The Scottish border was in site, everything is going to be ok.

Developing Quality

So everything is now in place, the design, the hammerman and we had already decided that it was going to be plated with 25 microns of silver.

It wasn’t quite that simple. It took over 18 months development to find an acceptable way to include hand hammering in our manufacturing process. Obviously after the lengthy search to get the right man we wanted everything perfect. Exactly as our customers who demand perfection.

The Finished Product

We think our beautiful hammered gifts would not be out of place in a posh London shop in the year 1903, and that is exactly what we hoped to accomplish. Not bad for a wee business in Scotland.

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