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Just Whisky is live with their December Auction and what a cracker it is! Highlights include a large selection of very desirable bottles from Bowmore Distillery, think Black Bowmore, Gold Bowmore, 50 Year Old & Sherriff’s. It’s well worth checking out and placing a bid.

They are also celebrating their 5th Anniversary and to celebrate this milestone, they’re reducing their commission to 0% for next month (January Auction).

The auction runs until Sunday 16th December at 8pm UK Time


Happy Bidding!


Littlemill 32 Years Old 1965 – Signatory Vintage 10th Anniversary

In celebration of the 10-year milestone of independent bottling of single malt whiskies from some of Scotland’s finest distilleries, Brian and Andrew Symington (Managing Director) selected six outstanding and very rare whiskies to bottle as a special commemorative presentation which are all single cask bottlings bottled at natural cask strength.

This Littlemill single malt is beautifully presented with two branded glasses. Distilled: 25.10.1965 and bottled: 08.06.1998.


Ardbeg 1815

An extremely rare bottle of Ardbeg, released in 2015 to celebrate their 200 year anniversary. The whisky is a result of spirit distilled in 1974 and 1975 and aged for 33 years. The resulting whisky was married in 2008 into glass containers where it spent a further 8 years until the release just a few years ago in 2015. Only 400 bottles were produced.


Springbank Millennium Collection (6x70cl)

We’re extremely excited to bring to auction what has got to be the most collectable and sought-after set from Springbank ever. Featuring a fabulous selection of well-aged malts from the back catalogue of the Campbeltown distillery.

The set includes:

  • 25 Year Old (46% | 70cl)
  • 30 Year Old (46% | 70cl)
  • 35 Year Old (46% | 70cl)
  • 40 Year Old (40.1% | 70cl)
  • 45 Year Old (40.1% | 70cl)
  • 50 Year Old (40.5% | 70cl)


Macallan 50 Years Old 1949 – Millennium Decanter

Distilled on the 14th January 1949 in Spanish Oak Sherry Casks, this is an incredibly well aged Macallan which has attained near legendary status. Bottled for the Millennium celebrations; the highly coveted Whisky was decanted into a specially commissioned Caithness glass decanter, complete in an oak presentation box. It features a copper ingot stopper cast from No. 9 spirit still from the Macallan distillery. This example even comes with an uncompleted form to have a personalised Macallan Millennium key made as well as the original key provided with the set.

Naturally with copper there may be a slight tarnishing to the metal of the stopper but should polish out.
The whisky itself is an incredibly scarce 50 year old malt which is highly rated by Jim Murray, author of the whisky bible and the late whisky connoisseur and author Michael Jackson.

This is a fabulous Lot, and one which we’d love to keep ourselves! The lucky new owner will become the keeper of what is quite simply one of the most sought after bottles in the world.


Bowmore 1955 – 1974 Visitor Centre Opening Ceramic Decanter

From the legendary Bowmore distillery of Islay a truly rare gem. Specially bottled for the opening of the distillery’s visitor centre on September 12th 1974. This vintage ceramic flagon was mainly handed out to staff to celebrate the opening, most of which decided to open but lucky for us we have here one of the few remaining unopened bottles. We are led to believe it is 37.5cl size flagon but no size is stated.


Bowmore 42 Years Old 1964 – Black Bowmore

Distilled on 5th November 1964, this first instalment of the Bowmore 1964 Trilogy was carefully filled into Oloroso sherry casks where it spent the next four decades and more perfecting its

On the 5th of November 1964 The Bowmore Spirit was filled into Five Oloroso Sherry Casks and left to quietly mature in the deep, dark Bowmore vaults. After forty-two years, the casks produced only 827 bottle of this extremely rare malt whisky.

The result is a stunning aroma and palate, and the rich, deep, dark, almost ebony colour reflected in its name.

This release of Black Bowmore has had whisky reviewers heads in a spin about how good it is. Not many bottles can be described as Legendary, but fortunately, this is one of them.


Enough Talk! Have a Look Now

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