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Turning Japanese?  I really think so.  Japanese whiskies have become more and more in demand over the past several years, and rightly so.  But instead of endlessly searching for that ever-elusive Yamazaki or Hibiki, try one of these newly available items currently gracing our shelves that deserve a place on yours. We’ve got some really exciting recent additions to our growing Japanese whisky arsenal, both malt and rice, including hand-selected casks from Ohishi, and private Party Source selections from Compass Box and Kilchoman.  Just in time to warm our hearts and hearths this holiday season, these make perfect gifts for your Scotch-loving loved ones.


-The Party Source Liquor Department

From Eigashima comes Akashi blended whisky and Akashi Ume plum (just plumb delicious) flavored whisky.  Mars Shinshu brings us corn-heavy Iwai and Iwai Tradition. Ichiro’s Malt and Grain from Chichibu Distillery features a Japanese malt base combined with whiskies from Scotland, Ireland, Canada, and the US. The Kurayoshi Pure Malts (8 and 18 year) from Matsui Whisky blend sourced Scottish malt with Japanese malt.

AKASHI Grain Whiskey | $45.99
This whisky is blended in the Scotch tradition, with Japanese precision, the malt is lightly peated, and vatting is mostly ex-bourbon, balanced by White Oak

AKASHI Ume Plum Whisky | $35.99
This sweet whisky is born out of the Japanese tradition of Ume-Shu, which translates as Plum Alcohol. In late May and early June, hard, green, sour plums are harvested and combined with neutral spirit and rock sugar, then aged for 6 months to a year. Akashi does nearly the same with this version, allowing freshly harvested plums and rock sugar to rest in mature whisky. Here they remain for 6 months to a year, resulting in this simple twist on a Japanese classic.

MARS SHINSHU Iwai Whisky | $33.99
Kiichiro Iwai, the name sake for this Mars Whisky, was a silent pioneer of Japan whisky. This whisky is inspired by great whiskies of America. A majority of corn balanced with light malt aged in ex-bourbon barrels. Ideal for daily sipping, in a mint julep or an old fashioned.

MARS SHINSHU Iwai Tradition Mars Whisky | $54.99
This is malt driven spirit is truly a reflection of contemporary Japanese whisky. Incredibly balanced, soft and layered. A blending of sherry, bourbon and wine casks with hints, delicate hints of peat make for a harmonious whisky that would make Iwai-san proud.

ICHIROS Malt and Grain Whisky | $104.99
Distilled by the legendary king of Japanese distilling: Ichiro Akuto This blend is comprised of whiskies from distilleries in “the big 5” – Scotland, Canada, England, Ireland and the U.S., also including Ichiro Akuto’s young malt and grain whisky stock. A genuine ‘worldwide blended whisky.’

KURAYOSHI Pure Malt Whisky 8YR | $88.99
The malt aromas and sweet, refreshing fruit notes are reminiscent of pale golden and dry orange colors. The palate is sweet and stands out with fragrances of vanilla and nuts. The mouth-feel is very soft. The finish is smooth.

KURAYOSHI Pure Malt Whisky 18YR | $229.99
Released in April 2016, the Kurayoshi Pure Malt 18 Years Old Whisky is a boutique Japanese whisky produced by the Matsui distillery. Located in Tottori, a coastal prefecture on southern Honshu, the whiskies produced by the Matsui distillery are characterised by aging with the pure underground waters of Daisen Mountains.


Fukano rice whisky is made from 100% malted rice and is aged in new charred oak barrels.  Having the fine distinction of cracking the Whisky Advocate’s Top 20 Whiskies of 2017, it achieves a remarkable balance of confectionery sweetness and warm, toasty spice.  Ohishi Whisky is distilled from malted and unmalted rice and is rested in either brandy or sherry casks.  These unique whiskies are unlike any we’ve tried before.  The brandy cask imparts light citrus and floral notes, while the sherry cask showcases ripe dark fruits with hints of vanilla and cocoa.  We’re delighted to have two (one of each!) private single casks of these wonderfully singular whiskies, and we hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do.  Kanpai!

FUKANO Whisky | $93.99
Founded in 1823, Fukano Distillery is located in Hitoyoshi City, of the Kumamoto Prefecture of Japan on the island of Kyushu. Hitoyoshi is surrounded by mountains and is known for its pure water and nature. Shigeruriku Fukano is the fifth generation of his family to run the distillery. They use a combination of malted and un-malted rice to make their whisky in a pot still. These releases are very limited in nature and only a few casks are bottled each year. For 2016 they have released a few single new oak casks and also one white label marriage of sherry and new oak casks.

OHISHI Whisky Sherry Cask TPS Private Barrel | $79.99
From the Kumamoto Prefecture on the island of Kyushu in Japan, the Ohishi Sherry Cask is a whisky distilled from rice and aged in first and second fill sherry casks. The Ohishi Distillery uses at least 30% gohyakumanishi rice grown on its own fields, rounded out with mochi rice Kumamoto. Founded in 1872, this is one of the oldest distilleries in Japan, located on the banks of the Kuma River, a water source that is prized for its purity.

OHISHI Single Brandy Cask | $79.99
The Brandy Cask expression of Ohishi is a blend of ex-Cognac barrels between 3 and 25 years of age. The resulting spirit is delicate, yet angular, with notes of citrus, black peppercorn, and vanilla.

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