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Welcome to the Soleo Collection.

You may have noticed some changes going on at The Glenrothes recently. The arrival of our new collection of whiskies presented with some striking colours…you can’t really miss us!

Here at The Glenrothes, we wanted to highlight the importance of sherry seasoning to our whisky by choosing a name inspired by the origins of the finest Sherry. ‘Soleo’ is the natural sun-drying process that was used to prepare grapes to be placed in oak casks. The colours of the collection are inspired by the evolution of the grape as it matures from bright yellow to a rich, deep purple.

Our collection of age statement single malts are matured exclusively in sherry seasoned casks and bottled at natural colour. We’re proud to present The Glenrothes Soleo Collection.

The Glenrothes Soleo Collection will soon be available for purchase directly from our online shop.


The new Soleo Collection consists of a 10, 12 , 18 and 25 year old, alongside a stunning high strength non-age statement – Whisky Makers Cut. We’re already making waves, having won the Chairman’s award recently for The Glenrothes 25 year old, being rated 97 out of 100 ‘extraordinary’ with the ultimate recommendation!



‘Spirit of Rothes’ is more than the name of our community. It’s a declaration that captures our approach to life and our love of whisky: no-nonsense, real and dedicated to whisky, above all else. By being signed up to our newsletter, you now have exclusive access to our distillery news and limited edition bottles!


Halloween Limited Edition

Trick or treat?  We say treat yourself to one of these, before they all fly away into the night.
As one of the only distilleries in the world next to a graveyard, we’ve always had a special affection for all things ghostly. That’s why we’ve decided to celebrate Halloween this year with a unique special edition single malt.

This Limited Edition is 13 years old, presented in a highly collectible black gloss Glenrothes bottle. The new make spirit was distilled on Halloween 2004, then filled in to casks the next day. Matured in 100% first-fill American Oak sherry-seasoned casks for 13 years, this is a perfectly balanced whisky that delivers notes of vanilla, banana and ginger.

As this whisky sold out so quickly on our shop we wanted to give our Spirit of Rothes community a heads-up that the remainder of the 2,202 limited bottles will be available soon through the following channels: amazon.co.uk (UK) amazon.es (Spain), whisky.de (Germany) and through selected retailers in Taiwan, China and the Philippines.
Keep your eyes peeled!


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