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To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the legendary Chicago punk rock whisky bar, Delilah’s, we have once again created a limited edition Scotch whisky in collaboration with owner and whisky enthusiast, Mike Miller.

The recipe for our second homage to Delilah’s was built around a small parcel of the original Compass Box Delilah’s blend released in 2013 – a luscious, American oak-aged whisky that we aged in cask for a further five years – with the addition of malt whisky aged in Spanish Sherry casks, also made of American oak.

The final blend is a characterful whisky with notes of vanilla and spice, and rich Sherry wine character reminiscent of dried fruits and baking spices.  You can drink it any way you’d like, but we’d recommend it as a shot with a great beer, the way whisky is often enjoyed at Delilah’s.



I’m sad to share with you the news that ‘Asyla’, the second whisky I created when I started the company, originally released in 2001, is going out of stock for the foreseeable future.  Over the past few years, demand exceeded what we expected for this delicate whisky, and as a result we have run out of the appropriate age range of the key single malts for the recipe.  We’ve experimented with other malt whiskies, but nothing has given us the specific character we’re looking for.

So, we have decided to stop making Asyla rather than compromise its integrity.  We have stocks of these single malts aging in our inventory, and we’ll let you know if and when we’re able to bring back Asyla, perhaps as a limited edition in the future.  If you have a bottle or come across one, please do savour it in good company.

~John Hall, Whiskymaker


Great King Street Highball

Try the classic Scotch & Soda, or Scotch Highball, for a refreshing way to enjoy Scotch whisky this summer.

First, fill a chilled highball glass that has been stored in the freezer with as much ice as you can.

Add 50ml / 1 ¾ oz Great King Street Artist’s Blend and 100ml / 3 ½ oz good quality, freshly opened, refrigerated soda water.  Stir, briefly, so not to let too much carbonation escape. Add one lemon zest twisted over the glass to release its oils and then dropped into the glass, or one small sprig of mint ‘bruised’ to release the aroma.

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