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Ardbeg Friday

Ardbeg Friday at

One day before the official Ardbeg Day, we will be celebrating our own Ardbeg Friday at!

On Friday the 1st of June, not only Ardbeg Grooves will be available for purchase: ALL our peaty Ardbeg sweetness will sell at discount prices. Groovy! But please hold on to your Glencairn, because sale will only last one day… So, if you are a fan of seagull’s wingpits, granny’s medicine cabinet, sooty, sooty bonfires and licking the inside of oil drums, Friday the 1st of June will be your day!

The details of Ardbeg Friday

Our very own Ardbeg Friday will start 12.00PM CET (Amsterdam time). It will last until Saturday the 2nd of June at 12.00PM. ‘But what kind of Ardbeg do you have in stock?’, we can hear you ask. Good question! We have all kinds of collectible whisky from this fantastic distillery, like vintages, private bottlings, Feis Ile releases, discontinued Ardbeg and bottles that we could obtain only by selling our dear mother. Woa! Or, as a salty, peg legged sea captain from Islay would say: ‘Yarrr!’

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