Bourbon Angels


Two family firms have joined forces to bring unique glass angels filled with Bourbon to the US market.

Louisville-based firm A Taste of Kentucky has launched the first Bourbon Angels, made by Scots company Angels’ Share Glass, in their gift shops.

The Angels, crafted by hand in Stirling, Scotland, hold 25ml of Kentucky Bourbon inside the glass – expertly captured by a secret method.

They are based on the distillers’ myth of the `Angels’ Share’ which believes the small amount of whiskey lost during the maturation process is taken away by angels.

John Hassmann, who runs A Taste of Kentucky, discovered the Bourbon Angels by chance when staff from Angels’ Share Glass popped into one of his shops.

He said: “We were so lucky to meet Karen and Jen from Angels’ Share Glass when they came into our shop during a trip to Kentucky.

“We love it when we find unique high-quality items to offer to our customers across the country and were delighted to hear all about the Scottish glass angels.

“Like us, Angels’ Share Glass are a small family-owned company and we appreciate the work ethic of other similar companies.

“We were impressed by the unique nature of the Bourbon Angels and, of course, the distinct Kentucky connection plus the fact our customers can buy products which are not available everywhere.

“We’re pleased with the response to the Angels so far with lots of customers telling us how beautiful and unique they are.

“It’s a positive start and we’re looking forward to a great ongoing partnership with our Scottish friends.”

Angels’ Share Glass Managing Director Karen Somerville and Sales Manager Jen Kidd were in Kentucky as part of a trade trip to the American Midwest organised for Scottish companies.

Mrs Somerville said: “It was a fantastic trip and we organised meetings with representatives of different companies, so we could showcase our products and see if they were interested in partnering with us.

“We actually met John purely by chance after calling into his shop in Louisville to buy some souvenirs just before we flew home.

“Jen and I got chatting to the shop assistant and told her about our firm’s signature product, glass angels filled with Scotch whisky, and she said her boss would love to see them.”

She organised a meeting with Mr Hassmann where Mrs Somerville outlined the idea of creating handmade Bourbon Angels for the Kentucky market given the state’s reputation as the home of Bourbon.

She said: “Since 95% of US Bourbon is distilled in Kentucky, we thought it would be ideal to swap Scotch for Bourbon to create Bourbon Angels and John loved the concept.

“It was a serendipitous meeting and we’re delighted it led to our first American partnership.”

A Taste of Kentucky was established by Mr Hassmann and his wife Sherry more than 30 years ago.

The couple sell products made locally or `in the spirit of Kentucky’ at their three Louisville-based stores and online shop.

The Bourbon Angels are available from the company’s website priced at $49.99 –

Angels’ Share Glass is based in Bridge of Allan, near Stirling and was established by Master Glassmaker Tom Young MBE and his daughter Karen Somerville in 2013.

For more details, visit

Notes for Editors: Angels’ Share Glass is a family-run business based in Bridge of Allan, near Stirling. The firm was co-founded by Karen Somerville and her father Tom Young MBE – a world-renowned Master Craftsman who has been glassblowing and making lamp-work glassware for 60 years. More information about the company can be found at

Notes for Editors: A Taste of Kentucky is an award-winning and family-run chain of stores based in Louisville, Kentucky. The firm was established by John and Sherry Hassmann 33 years ago. For more information go to the website –

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