Whisky Wednesday – Octomore 8.1 Masterclass – Scotch Whisky News



Octomore! The biggest, the peatiest, the most exciting, perhaps?  Welcome to the 8th season in this phenomenal run of experimental and diverse styles from the punk rock innovators, Bruichladdich. At a rather unusual age of 8, this whisky is show casing a few more delicate and balanced sides to what Octomore can do and indeed what can be done with it. A big hit of smoke and peat is what you expect, but hidden underneath it’s machismo and unparalleled power is a delicate hit of sweet and spirit-y styles. White chocolate, tequila, caster sugar and lighter, summer citrus notes of lemon and apple. There’s nothing to dislike about this whisky, it’s just a little beauty and if you view yourself as peat freak, get your gums around this thing and report back to me! Cheers.

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