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With our auction currently live we have decided to launch a brand new and exclusive Loyalty Scheme for all our valued customers that choose to bring their bottles to us at Whisky Galore Auctioneers.

Starting from next month – Our exclusive new promotion begins.

What is this Loyalty Scheme?

Simply, for every 10th bottle you bring to us here at Whisky Galore Auctioneers we will pay YOU the commission that this bottle makes at Auction.

This could be one bottle per month for 10 months ie 10 Month you’ll receive your Loyalty Reward or if you choose to put in a lot of 10 at any one time you will be paid the commission on the 10th bottle.

So, Why choose us ?

Loyalty Scheme.

Commission paid out to YOU on every 10th bottle to you.

FREE to enter your bottle or lot

FREE reserve

Payment made within 14 days of Auction closing.

What have you got to lose – “Certainly not you’re Bottle”!


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