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Springbank Society – October 2017 Bottling 

We trust this newsletter finds you in good health.  Here in Campbeltown the trees are shedding their leaves and the days getting shorter as we race through autumn into the depths of winter.  The perfect time to bring a bit of warmth to our lives with the release of our next society bottle!

Longrow 9yo Sauternes 56.3%

Available to order from 30th October 2018.

Please note we will not take pre-orders for this release. Only email orders from 30th October onwards will be accepted. 

An email will be sent on this date to signal when you can start ordering the bottle.

The purpose of this newsletter is to provide you with information on the release and how to order it. You will receive a society newsflash on the release date to remind you when the bottles are available.

Springbank Society October 2017 Bottling

Longrow 9yo Sauternes

Cask type: Fresh Sauternes Hogsheads

Distilled: November 2007

Bottled: October 2017

Strength: 56.3%

Outturn: 1134 bottles

Tasting notes:

Nose :  Light smokiness, fresh plums, honeycomb, chocolate peppermints, walnuts, almonds, sticky toffee pudding, chocolate crepes, sugarcane, dark chocolate.

Palate : Cocoa powder, spice, pepper, dates and prunes. Raspberry coulis, caramel, ripe bananas, cherries and a mineral note. Slightly dry with a sticky mouthfeel.

Finish : Cherries, dry smoke, soot, raisins, burnt embers, baked apples, poached pears, biscuit base, shortbread, caramel shortcake, ginger and crushed black pepper.

For the avoidance of doubt: the bottles are not available yet and we will not be taking pre-orders.

Purchasing and delivery/collection

Please read this section carefully to ensure this process goes as smoothly as possible.

The bottle shall be available for £45.00 and initially it will be 1 per person however, once it becomes clear what the level of interest is, then it is possible you could get a second. 2 bottles per member will be the maximum. When you order a bottle next week, please state if you would be interested in a second bottle.

We will only process email orders. No phone orders.

When you first order a bottle, please tell us if any of the following things apply to you.

  •  If you would like a second bottle
  •  If you would like to collect it from one of our Cadenhead shops
  •  If you are based in Canada
  •  If you have any other delivery preferences (not covered by the points above) then it may be helpful, but not essential, if you would include them in your original email too.

Once you place your order you will receive an email back, letting you know that your order has been received and that a bottle has been reserved for you.  As is usual with a Society release, this may take several days. Please do not be alarmed if you do not hear back immediately.

Again, as is standard practice with Society bottles, if you wish for your Society bottle(s) to be sent to a Cadenhead shop on mainland Europe (now Baden, Cologne and Odense) you will pay for them upon collection. We have processes in place to make sure these bottles arrive much faster than they have done for previous releases.
In previous years we have been able to send Society bottles to Cadenhead shops in Berlin and Salzburg however, Springbank Distillery does not have another shipment bound for these shops and soon neither of them shall be Cadenhead stores. As such it is no longer an option to send the bottles to these shops.

Please note that if you want your order sent to Berlin or Salzburg shops you must let us know, no later than November 8th.

If you plan to have your Society bottle(s) sent to the Edinburgh or London shops then, as with the previous release, deliveries to these shops will be handled in a similar way to when Society bottles are sent to the other Cadenhead shops. Instead of charging £2 per bottle and delivering them individually, we will not charge anything for delivery and they will be sent as part of the scheduled Cadenhead shipments.

Once again and finally, we will only process email orders from 30th October 2017 (Campbeltown time). No phone orders.

We will send out an email on 30th October to let you know when you can start ordering.

To join the Springbank Society please email Springbank Society 

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