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An Ecological Vintage

Today we aren’t going to tell you about Fair Trade, organic distilled spirits—as the title might suggest—but rather about households that are born from some of the glorious remains left behind by the manufacturing of whisky, or by its savoring. Houses, those walls between which the story of your life unfolds, can be said to be acquired in two different ways. The first is the familiar scenario in which a preexisting house is bought when its features are deemed worthy. The other involves starting from scratch and being the one who decides just what said features are going to be.

How, then, could a well-deserved glass of whisky, poured straight from the cask, help build your next home? By making sure that the cask is put to good use once it has been emptied of its precious content, of course. The incriminating looks of a partner inquiring into the causes of this unusual emptying rate could easily be countered with the promise of a brand new ecological home.

“Incidentally, this Bourbon did not end up in my bathroom, but AS my bathroom!”

It is with such depleted wooden containers that Roger Douda began in the Scottish village of Findhorn. A few casks later a new “barrel house” appeared and, step by step, an entire community, unique and sustainable, followed! The result was the first eco-village in Europe, sporting houses insulated thanks to repurposed materials, and exploiting communal permacultures to make every aspect of life an environmentally friendly matter. It was even awarded the UN-Habitat price for its commitment.

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