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Wemyss Family Collection Vanilla Burst & Treacle Chest

Wemyss Family Collection introduced to the Wemyss blended malt range

Family run, independent bottler Wemyss Malts is releasing a new range of blended Scotch malt whiskies that have been produced from the family’s private collection of maturing whisky casks. Rather than use whisky that has been purchased mature and ready to blend, Wemyss Malts has over the past decade sourced oak cask varieties to partner with single malt spirit selected from some of Scotland’s foremost distilleries.

Under the guidance of industry experts including Charlie Maclean, the Wemyss family have handpicked casks that show the perfect balance between wood and whisky to craft exceptional blended malt whiskies. Each yearly Wemyss Family Collection release will focus on one specific influence that impacts whisky, be it regional, malt style or cask effect.

The first two releases of the Wemyss Family Collection represent two opposite whisky styles; that of bourbon cask matured and sherry cask matured whisky. In keeping with other releases from Wemyss Malts, these new bottlings have been given flavour led names by the Wemyss tasting panel:

Vanilla Burst is the first release of the Wemyss Family Collection range and is a blend of only 2 Speyside single malts with a light and fruity character that were chosen to mature in 15 1st-fill Ex-bourbon barrels. The 4800 bottles of Vanilla Burst perfectly demonstrate an intense 1st fill bourbon wood influence on a light and sweet Speyside malt Scotch whisky.

Treacle Chest, selected as the second release of the Wemyss Family Collection range is a blend of only 2 Highland single malts with a sweet, cereal character that were chosen to be matured in just 14 1st-fill ex-sherry hogsheads. The resulting 6300 bottles of Treacle Chest are a perfect example of how rich and weighty 1st fill ex-sherry casks influence unpeated Highland Scotch malt whisky.

Both blended malts are bottled non chill-filtered, at natural colour and are 46% abv. They are presented in screen printed 70cl bottles with a striking charcoal and copper detailed gift carton.

William Wemyss, Founder and Managing Director at Wemyss Malts, commented: “It is with great anticipation and excitement that we release to the drinks enthusiast and whisky community the first two Wemyss Family Collection bottlings. We are very proud of the quality of these two blended malts and look forward to seeing how future yearly releases will compare.”

Isabella Wemyss, Director of Production at Wemyss Malts stated: “Great effort and time has been taken to ensure the Wemyss Family Collection will be remarkable blended malts, from the very first steps of selecting the spirit and sourcing exceptional casks from around the world, to selecting and blending the mature casks under the supervision of leading industry professionals.”

Wemyss Family Collection; Vanilla Burst and Treacle Chest will be available mid-August from selected retailers in the UK, EU and key Asian markets with suggested retail prices of £43 and £47.


  • Edinburgh based Wemyss Malts is owned by the Wemyss family and their family seat in the brand logo is Wemyss Castle in Fife where they’ve lived since the 1300s.
  • The Wemyss Family Collection joins 2 other blended malt ranges that include The Hive, Spice King and Peat Chimney bottled non chill-filtered at 46% and in small batch, batch strength as well as a blended Scotch range, Lord Elcho.
  • Wemyss blended malts have won prestigious World Whisky Awards five times: The Hive 12yo in 2012, Spice King 12yo in 2013, Velvet Fig in 2015, Kiln Embers in 2016 and Peat Chimney Batch Strength in 2017.
  • The Wemyss family premium wines and spirits brands also include Darnley’s Gin, together with the premium wine estate of Rimauresq Cru Classé in Cotes de Provence.
  • The family has opened a single malt distillery at Kingsbarns, near St. Andrews in Fife and in July 2017 opened Darnley’s Gin distillery on site. www.kingsbarnsdistillery.com

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